Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Burrito in Paradise

Today was a great day. For one, I’m off work, but even more so, I actually feel a sense of accomplishment. A feeling I rarely have at work.

I have taken a two week vacation to prepare for the lavender festival and lots of other little things that need tending to when you live on a lavender farm. Yes, I’m thrilled to be taking some time off from my real job, but the jury is still out on how thrilled I am to be using my vacation time to, well uh, work… No island jumping, yacht sailing, or beach lounging for me. But, regardless, it doesn’t matter. I’m home and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Today I had an appointment at 1:00 to get my hair done. Highlights, cut, style, the whole enchilada. Because this would be a good 2 hours in the beauty shop, I called my long lost friend Kimberly to come visit with me during my appointment. After all, I WAS in a beauty shop. Is there not a more perfect place to share your gift of gab?

Kimberly and I go way back. I mean way, way back. We had a rough spot for a few years and became a bit Paris'd and Nicole'd. I suppose a more mature way to describe this would be to refer to it as 'estranged'. It happens. But, now we’re right back where we left off, and this could be dangerous, quite dangerous y’all.

Kimberly met me at the beauty shop and we immediately dove right into full-fledged gab. We laughed about ridiculous stuff and finished each other's sentences. You know how it is when you’ve grown up with someone and you can practically read each other’s minds? You don’t have to stop and explain why something that was just said was funny to you. You don’t have to explain what you meant when you used a silly term. These are friends that just know. It’s so nice to not have to explain your warped sense of thinking to people. Friends like these understand. I actually have several of these good friends; friends of mine for almost 30 years. Yes, I just said it. 30 years. Wow this makes me feel old. But the funny thing is, when I’m with these friends, I don’t feel any different than I did 30 years ago!

For those of you coming out to the festival in a couple of weeks, you’ll get to meet two of these friends. But, back to my friend, Kim. We were both starving and hadn’t eaten lunch, so she went to get us each a burrito. She said it would be a surprise burrito. When she returned, it was a surprise alright! She didn’t have just any burrito, but a Mando’s burrito! Now see, here I go. Now I have to explain what a Mando’s burrito is to you. If you were one of my friends from 30 years ago you would know. This is exactly what I was talking about earlier, having to explain things to new friends (but, I really am enjoying all my new blogger friends, well, all 2 of you).

A Mando’s burrito is just the best ever kind of burrito. I have searched the world over for a Mando’s burrito; it’s a true obsession. Today is a monumental day, and a day I will rank right up there with some of my greatest days, because today I found the 2nd best to an original Mando’s burrito. Mando’s was a restaurant in Marfa, TX that closed several years ago. When Mando’s closed, an era ended. It was devastating. Since then, the search for the 2nd best Mando’s burrito has been a mission of mine. Today, mission accomplished!

I’m a connoisseur of 3 things in my life: Mando’s burritos, bathing, and chicken salad.

What’s so great about Mando’s? It’s hard to explain, but I’ll give it a try. It’s shredded beef in a spicy gravy, topped with real good chili. Yes, chili. Not, salsa. Also, I feel so very triumphant because the little café that has warmed my soul forever with their rendition of a Mando’s burrito, actually calls it a BURRITO. Not a taco. Another big beef I’ve had since living east of the Pecos.

I know you may think I sound extremely flippant to be carrying on about a burrito. I realize this may sound strange. But I am just so completely at peace right now. Kim is back to her normal self, and Mando’s is re-born.

Life is good and lavender is blooming!

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