Sunday, May 6, 2007

Good Morning ...

This picture was taken early in the morning when everything was waking up. It's a chilly Spring morning. Notice the steam coming off the tank. Sometimes it's so hard to leave for work in the morning and trade this peacefulness for traffic, noise, and crowds.

Okay, some of y'all are asking: What do you mean, chilly? And, what's a tank? Please allow me to clue you into some Texas lingo.

Chilly is not to be confused with 'chili', which is a stew of spicy ground meat.

Chilly should also not be confused with 'chile', pronounced cheeleh, as in chile sauce, a hot sauce made with tomatoes and spices. Depending on what part of Texas you're from, this spicy condiment is either referred to as chile or salsa. I realized after leaving west Texas, that 'chile' is not a universal term once you are east of the Pecos River. If you're not in west Texas and ask for 'chile' in a Mexican food restaurant, specifically one of those large franchise restaurants, the gringo waiting on you will likely say, "we just have Mexican Food, not chili. You'll have to go next door, over to Chili's."

Okay, now for the 3rd definition of Chilly, and how I was using it to describe the photo above: 'Chilly' is a coldness in the air, or of your person. i.e., "I'm chilly," or "It's chilly out here". It's a great word.

Now you ask, what is a tank? Well, a tank y'all is what some may refer to as a pond. I have no idea why West Texans call a pond a tank, we just do. When we have visitors out here and I need to point them a certain direction, I will say: "You will see the lavender field to the east of the tank". I always get a perplexed look and have to say, "I mean pond".


Anonymous said...

I think this is so cool. We live so close but this may be the only way I can keep up w/what's happening at the Farm! Keep it up!

Natalie said...

tank - from stock tank 'cause the water is for the livestock to drink from.