Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's a disease

Since I’m on a picture taking roll, I thought I would share these pictures with you. I took these on Saturday, but like always I was an hour late and a dollar short.

All day long this gorgeous monarch butterfly (not the one in the picture) was fluttering around the lavender. There were lots of other butterflies, but this was the only Monarach, the Grand Dame of butterflies. She was as big as the palm of my hand! Just gorgeous. She was the text book picture of a monarch butterfly, and of course I didn’t have my camera with me. It was at the house.

Every couple of minutes I kept reminding myself to run to the house to get the camera, but then my disease kept flaring up which prevented me from getting to the house. Oh, don’t worry; it’s a disease I’ve been dealing with my whole life, notintheknowaphobia.

It’s a minor illness, no big deal. There's no known treatment and I've been forced to self-treat. It can really get out of control at times, especially if my girlfriends are around. You know, I might miss something good. I just can’t bear to miss out on something that might be said; especially if it’s really juicy. That's why I couldn't risk the 3 minutes it would have taken to go to the house and get the camera. It could have been a critical 3 minutes of missing something really good. Due to my illness, missing something really good could result in a flare up that could potentially overcome me, probably leading to hyperventilation or something.

As luck would have it for someone dealing with this dreadful disease, by the time I ran to the house, got the camera, the monarch butterfly was nowhere to be seen. But, a few of her little distant relatives were still fluttering about the fields.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I’m going to go lie down – my disease also causes me to need lots of rest. It’s very exhausting having to process all the information that never leaves my brain. I'm probably going to have to self-treat this evening. What is my special regimen? Well, you know how I'm into all that's natural - I've found a great natural treatment that involves special grapes that have aged for years in special oak barrels.

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