Friday, May 11, 2007

Please let me clean before you clean ...

Guess what I did today? I took a day off work! But, wait. Don’t get too excited for me wondering how I spent a blissful day free of e-mail, voice mail, conference calls, and deadlines. I didn’t spend a day at the spa or a late morning just lounging and drinking coffee. I didn’t even get to watch Oprah. In fact, I am just as drained right now as I am on any other typical workday.

I used one of my sacred vacation days from work to enjoy a wonderful day of cleaning house. Yep, house cleaning. Well, that was my intent, anyway. But, it’s now Friday evening and I have not done one thing. I haven’t put a dish in the dishwasher or a load in the laundry. I can’t even find my can of Pledge.

I won’t go into all the details, but the bottom line is I just got too caught up with all the distractions that always occur around here when it’s close to harvest and festival time. Don’t feel sorry for me. It was good stuff I was doing. I helped Jack get out some lavender orders, talked to some customers on the phone, worked on some details on the new products we’re developing, walked through the fields to check the bloom status. It was all the things I love to do, it’s just that time completely got away from me and now I’m sitting here looking at a mile high pile of laundry. I keep waiting for that laundry urge to hit me, it just hasn’t happened yet.

I know you are now going to ask: You don’t have a cleaning lady to help with the house? No, I don’t. Why? Because my house is too dirty for a cleaning lady y’all. I would be completely humiliated for anyone to witness our living conditions. I’m going to have to take a 2-week vacation just to prepare for a cleaning lady! Is this not a sad situation? I could never subject anyone to this mess, no matter how much I paid them. If I ever am able to find anyone to help, provided they don’t turn around and run as soon as they see it, I would probably have to order them to have a tetanus shot before entering. With all the construction that surrounds us, cleaning my house is pretty much just transferring dirt and rearranging clutter.

I’ve mentioned before that our house is under construction. There’s no easy way for me to explain what we’re doing other than explaining it this way: We’re basically building a house that is being attached to the old, existing farmhouse that we’ve been living in for 4 years. Due to the construction, we are pretty much crammed into a small area in one corner. That means lots and lots of clutter, and just stuff everywhere with no place to put it. Until we can spread out, we’re just crammed in a small space like sardines. Cute little sardines, of course. Sardines with lots and lots of cute little shoes with no place to put them.

Yes, it’s all going to be worth the pain, because the house will be just beautiful, but I will NEVER build or remodel again. This is it. If an idea ever pops into my head again, and I mean even 20 years from now, to knock out a wall and expand that, or replace the tile with this, or even update that, SOMEBODY PLEASE SAVE ME!

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