Friday, May 18, 2007

Buck, Blooms, and let's just hold off on The Bang

Since I haven’t checked in for a couple of days, I thought I would just get in a quick message. It’s a super busy time for us, so I don’t have a specific story to tell you because I haven’t caught my breath yet. It’s been a typical whirlwind week at Hummingbird Farms.

Buckaroo is doing a lot better. He went for 2 days without eating and it was really concerning us. We’ve always heard the stories, and even our vet told us when they stop eating you usually know they’re nearing the end. This kept ringing in our heads and we were just so upset. The vet had sent us home with a new special low-protein diet due to his little failing kidneys. For two days he didn’t eat a bite. Then we decided to just tempt him with some of his favorite food to see if he would at least take a bite. Jack gave him some lunch meat and he practically ate the whole bag! That's when we realized, he's not nearing the end, he just hates this new food! After he ate, he was back to his little sweet self. So we talked about it and thought, heck, why should we restrict him from all that he loves when we know it’s inevitable that we’re going to lose him? We’re not going to deprive him of one thing. No more dried, low-protein dog food for Buckaroo! If he wants bologne, he can have it! If he wants hotdogs, he can have it! If he wants ice cream, he gets Blue Bell! He’s practically been acting like a puppy for the last two days because he’s eating and his energy level is up.

Yes, I know it may sound like bad parenting, but if I knew my time was up, I certainly wouldn’t spend it eating bland, dried meals everyday. I would want to celebrate my life with all things I love. And of course, just about everything I love involves food! So, Buck is getting whatever he wants, and being his Mother’s son, what he loves most is food.

One last note before I close: We’re attempting to be open this weekend. The good news is WE HAVE BLOOMS! The bad news is WE’RE NOT READY! The construction at the house has taken up so much time. We won’t know how to act next year during blooming season when all the distractions of the house are behind us and it's all about lavender. Well, all of this construction better behind us! For those of you that have been coming out every year to cut lavender, you know that this will be your 3rd year, yes I just said 3rd year, to see a big construction mess at the house.

I know this is what you’re thinking: “Is that poor girl still living in that mess over there? She must have the patients of Job and her husband should be shot! She probably has to wear a hard hat to bed every night. I think that mess has been going on over there for 3 years now! That poor thing, bless her heart.”

Yes, please feel sorry me me; I feel sorry for me. I do accept your pity and empathy. I thrive on it! But, uh, the shooting part, well, that just wouldn’t be nice. Plus, I might need to reserve that for my own pleasure if the house is still under construction next year…

We really do look forward to the day when all our focus is on lavender and we can just enjoy knocking your socks off when you come out here!

Have a great weekend to all 4 of you that are actually taking the time to read my ramblings!

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