Friday, June 15, 2007

Blog’ll (He'll) be sorry …

Okay, I’m feeling a little better. I’m feeling the love. Just when I thought I was finding myself in a relationship being used by a Blog, the chicks rallied and calmed me down. Thanks Dallas Lavender Chicks, Erlene, & Big Mama!

If you don’t want to read their comments, I’ll just summarize for you. In chick talk, this is what they meant:

“You’re just too good for that Blog! That Blog doesn’t know how good he’s got it. Believe me, if you break up with that Blog, he’ll come googling (running) back, you just watch. Other Blogs would give their archive index (right arm) to be with a chick like you. You just play hard to get for a little while – that Blog will be increasing your search engine (eating out of your hand) in just a few days!”


tina said...

Found you via BigMomma and really enjoy what I've read! Keep it up!

Barb said...

I found you at Big Mama's place too, Lavender Chick. She said the magic words. "Soft feet."

You're off to a great start. Love the photo in the previous post. And not to worry - the dress doesn't look too tight at all.

Imagine living on a lavender farm. Lucky you!

jean stodckdale said...

Althought I don't think it is quite "holy" of you to get to live in such a beautiful slice of heaven while the rest of us live where, know, it is not so much, I found you through Boomama as well. I ordered several days ago and am breathlessly awaiting my "spa in a box." It is actually a gift for my daugher-in-law. She is expecting my first grandson any minute and I thought this would be a perfect "welcome home" gift to have awaiting her in a basket with a huge bow when she returns from birthing said infant. I will sneak a tiny sample before passing it off to her and I will post my comments-which I am sure will be as favorable as Boomama's-on my blog at and I will send you a picture of my grandbaby as promised to your husband when we spoke about my order. Blessings upon you out there in lavender country. Until I get to come and see this wonderland with my own eyes, I will have to settle for it "in a bottle." jean stockdale

Linda said...

I'm here from Big Mama's as well. Actually, I came very close to visiting Hummingbird Farm. We went to the Lavender Festival last week. After visiting the three farms in Blanco,it just got way too hot for my elderly parents to do any more. The farms we did visit were so nice.
Perhaps we'll get to come for a visit some time soon. That lotion sounds wonderful.