Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Can we talk?

The fancy shmancy photographer did it! He was successful at cropping the crocs!

I told y’all a week ago that I would post one of the pictures of me wearing a too tight dress in a lavender field wearing crocs at the crack of dawn after a night of no sleep due to the worst storm in over decade. Whew! That was a mouthful… I guess I’m a little nervous.

This is my debut. Are you ready?

If I get no comments after this, I’m going to think that not one single person in the whole World Wide Web is paying any attention to my Lavender Chick blog. When you’re new at blogging – not to mention the fact that I didn’t even know what a blog was until 2 weeks before I started one, you can’t help but think you are kind of talking into a black hole.

Of course the fact that my blog is ranked 3 million + doesn’t gain you any extra confidence that anyone is even reading this thing. In the blog world, this ranking means you’re basically a nobody – you’re not even on the radar of the ‘those not yet on the radar’ radar.

Is anyone there???

I know for sure 3 people are reading this: My Mother, My Mother-in-Law, and my neighbor Dottie. And I think they’re probably just feeling sorry for me. Other than that, I might very well be talking into a big black hole.

Since I’ve been dating this blog for a while now, I think I’m ready to get more serious. When I first started dating the blog, I figured I would just go out a few times and see if I had any fun with it. Now, 6 weeks into the relationship, I’m feeling a little confident and vulnerable all at the same time. I can now actually see myself making a long-term commitment to this blog.

Oh, what the heck – I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours …

Okay, in this picture of me being me, I am holding my products on a silver platter in a lavender field. Why? Because first of all, these products are so fresh and natural, they could have only come right out of the field. And secondly, they are so good y’all, they should be served to you on a silver platter!

Yes, I’m biased about the products. But these products are my babies. I birthed these babies. I created them, labored over them, raised them, and now I’m ready to set them free – out to the cruel real world to be stuck in medicine cabinets, cupboards, and drawers.

Oh, the shame.

As their mother, I believe they’re packaged beautifully and should be exposed at all times for all to see: at your kitchen sink, your bedside table, and bathroom vanity. I truly fear they will be hidden away and their little feelings hurt. And what’s my biggest fear? That they will be re-gifted.

I can’t bear to think about it.

Here they are, the entire product line and me, viewed by you first. I don’t even have 3 of these products on the website yet. So, what do you think (I’m kind of scared to ask)?


Diane Cloutman said...


Dallas Lavendar Chick (the elder of the daughters) here, love the photo, the photographer did well in cropping the crocs. The thought of you wearing them with the great little black dress is fun, and no, that dress does not make any part of you look big!

No, you are not talking to a black hole. Yes, others besides your immediate family are reading your blog and I have sent the link to my bible study group, family and friends so you should be getting more hits than ever. By the way, is Jack suffering from Blog envy? You realize this may require counseling? Brenda (Lavender Chick 4) and I were laughing about your stories on the blog last night. You realize that at some point you are going to have to put all of this in a book.

Re the products - they are fabulous and the packaging is so elegant and clean looking. I love the scrub and the lotion is to die for. Keep up the good work.

brenda edwards said...


Dallas Lavender Chick number (4) here, youngest daughter of the Hand clan. I love the picture and you look marvelous in the little black dress.

Diane is right, I am sharing your blog with others as well. As far as I'm concerned you can never have too many "Lavender Chicks".

I have the No. 145 on my desk at work and I absolutely love it. Best lotion I have ever tried. Have you considered selling it by the tub? I mean wash tub. I like it so much I want to bathe in it.

Keep the products coming. We love them.

Lavender Chick said...

Okay, I'm feeling a little better. As least I know Diane and Brenda, 2 of the Dallas Lavender Chicks are checking in.

To answer Diane's question, yes, Jack is feeling some blog envy. As in any extramarital affair, I'm finding myself having to hide & blog. I'll be on my computer and he'll come in asking what I'm doing: "Are you blogging AGAIN?" I'm always quick to say, "oh, no. I'm working on some invoices, graphics, etc..."

Do I need a 12-step program?

Thanks, Diane & Brenda for reading the blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog for some time now. I check every day for new Posts. I really enjoy it.
I'm not a blogger and wasn't sure I could comment, but decided to try. Wanted you to know that you have readers that don't respond.
I live in NE Louisiana and have Thought about someday checking out your Lavender Farm.

Big Mama said...

Well, I'm reading, I've just been lazy about commenting. Shame on me.

You look beautiful! And so do your products.

I am addicted to the salt scrub like it's crack in a jar. And now that you're committed to blogging, I'm going to link to you in a post this weekend. You're too funny to be ranked 3 million.

Diane J. said...

Here by way of Big Mama. ;-)

I've been hearing good stuff about your lavender products from Big Mama and BooMama. I wish you retailed your stuff here in Arkansas because I love lavender!

Blogging is addictive, you know. Just wait, it gets worse, LOL!



Shari said...

Just letting you know that you have a new reader from Nova Scotia Canada. Keep on blogging, you are doing a great job!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Here by way of Big better watch out now. With BooMama and Big Mama backing you, you're in for a lot of readers!

Anonymous said...

Big Mama sent me here, and I'm sure glad she did! It's very interesting to read about your lavender farm. I had your website in my favorites after reading about your products on of the Mamas blogs...Big...Boo...O can't remember! Anyway, I've been meaning to order some lotions and whatnot but kept forgeting. Now that I have your blog in my favs, I won't forget and will be ordering soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a lurker. ( No offense ever meant, I'm just way too lazy, I mean busy to have my own blog.)
It's way more fun to read about your lives (you and Boomama and Big Mama and a few others) than to post about my boring life.
I'll be trying the lotion soon-
Keep blogging! I love the story of when you met your husband!
Heather in KS

Dottie said...

Yea, Lavender Chick! .....Elegant as ever in your field at sunrise. You look great.....and so do your "babies"!

Paige said...

Debra Dawn - you look beautiful. I can't believe Buck wasn't in the picture with you:)

Liza's Eyeview said...

continue to blog and comments will come :) :) :)