Monday, June 11, 2007

Lavender Chicks & Gents Galore

I know, I know. I've been absent for a few days, but I have a very good excuse. We were busy, busy with the 3rd annual Blanco Lavender Festival. We're tired. VERY TIRED, y'all. As my grandmother used to say, "we're just all wore out." But, I will say, it's a good wore out.

We met so many nice people and just had a great time. It's wonderful getting to do what you love and share it with others. We're still trying to get a good count on how many visitors we had at the farm, we really lost track after the first couple of hundred. We were just thrilled to have everyone. There's no greater compliment we can ever receive than when our guests come to visit the farm and decide to stay for a while and just hang out and enjoy our dream - no cuttin' and runnin'!

We all had a great time, but it would have never happened without the help from my great friends (a.k.a. volunteers). These 3 cuties spent the entire day working our booth at the Blanco square. I need to clarify, however, that they ARE NOT Lavender Chicks. They are Lavender Babes. I was told that I am showing my age by using the term 'chick'. Apparently, 'chick' is out, 'babe' is in. So, here you have 3 HAUTE LAVENDER BABES:

I had big plans to get as many picture as I could of my friends that came out to help. I really intended a pictorial debut of my BFF's right here on the Lavender Chick Blog. One small problem, however: The gift of gab and my dreadful disease.

Whenever I wasn't running around talking to this person, explaining that to another person, or threatening to kill Jack for not doing something, I was under the tents doing my thing - gabbing. Believe it or not, I didn't get ONE SINGLE PICTURE of a couple of my friends that have dedicated a weekend a year for the last 2 years to come sweat in the Hill Country sun for 2 straight days with limited sleep in a house under construction. I'm so ashamed. They line up babysitters for the weekend, nurse sun burns all night and COOK dinner, and I can't even get their picture.

You see, as soon as I would get a chance to sit for a couple of minutes, it meant an opportunity to gab, and you know the rest of the story from here... The disease would flare which caused me not to think clearly, and therefore neglectful of my camera duties. My poor forever neglected girlfriends. Sam & Paige - I'm sorry once again, and I promise to do better next time. Perhaps I should self-medicate early next year so that I don't fall behind on my responsibilities and give my friends the proper debut they so truly deserve.

I did, however, manage to snap some shots of other lavender chicks. You have to check out these sisters:

I thought I was the only true blue Lavender Chick until I met these girls. I have to tell you more about them later (great story), but they are helping their mother start a lavender farm north of Dallas, Purple Ranch. It's going to be great! I've never seen such dedicated chickies in my life! They came out on Saturday and visited with Jack for a couple of hours and then began cutting lavender. I can't even tell you how much lavender they cut, but they cut, and they cut, and they cut. Then they showed up AGAIN on Sunday to cut more. However, by the next day they decided to go pro on us and wanted to harvest with the sickles. They were just too above a pair of scissors. Yes, they are Lavender Chicks. They went into our back field with Ricky and each harvested their own bushel of lavender!

We really enjoyed their company (Jack and Ricky REALLY LOVED IT), and we can't wait to hear more from them.

Last, but not least, this Lavender Chick in waiting:

She came with her parents from Austin, and I just HAD to snap her picture! Her mama is raising her right!

THANKS EVERYONE for coming to see us. I have so many more stories to tell. We were completely thrilled that Aunt Carol and Uncle John came to see us. Aunt Carol had knee surgery literally one week earlier - but she managed to wobble on over anyway. She's one of those steel magnolias I like to talk about. We also got to see (but not spend near enough time) Jack's cousin from Aspen and her beautiful family. Cousin Scott, Pam and Charlotte also made it out.

But now, I HAVE to go to bed. Tomorrow is back to reality for me - I've got to get back to my real job to support our lavender habit.


jacq said...
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jacq said...

I am Jacq Davis, the graphic designer from San Antonio. (hope you remember me~)

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. My husband and I stopped by the farm on Saturday and loved it!

Jeremy got lots of cool photos in your lavender farm. We are posting them on our photo store and will send you a link to them after we processed them.

Like I mentioned when we talked, I think you have the best overall lavender farm in Blanco!

I love everything about your farm, the pond, the beautiful grass fields at the entry and the lush lavender plants.

If you also remember that I have mentioned about a labeling machine. But I also found out this morning that it is inkjet = not water proof.

But, is still a good solution for short run of quick custom labels.

Thanks again for the wonderful time. I will check back again soon. Love your blog entries~

Please feel free to visit our personal website: J2Davis

And my graphic design studio: Jacq Design

JacQ Davis