Saturday, July 7, 2007

Been so busy keepin' up with the Jones...

Where do I even begin to tell y’all about yesterday? It was one of those head-spinning days where every 5 minutes something different was happening, something that I hadn’t even planned 3 minutes earlier. Let me just give you a 1 ½ minute timeline of what I’m talking about.

To set this up, I was waiting for Lisa ,Kibble’s mom, to get here so we could drive over to Luckenbach to hear our friend, Bonnie Bishop, who was playing a gig. Bonnie was also going to stop by here on her way to the gig to drop of her dog, Emmylou, for us to baby-sit since she’s going to be on the road for a while. Emmy is a Great Pyrenees like our 2 dogs, Poncho & Lefty. The 3 of them are the best of friends and we have the best time just watching them play. Emmy loves her time at Camp Hummingbird!

I’m rushing to get ready before Lisa gets here to pick me up, of which I’m running late because I got behind while working on a report for my real job, story of my life. I’m still upstairs trying to get ready when everything happens at once. Fill your brain with this image y’all: I’m still wearing a pair of pajama pants. Yes, I know – why are you still in your pajamas? Because my day started very early with work stuff and I literally NEVER had a chance to change out of my pajamas. It happens sometimes OKAY?

Envision this: I’m in a pair of pink pajama pants with white daisies all over them. I have mascara on one eye but not the other. I do have on the top I’m going to wear to Luckenbach, which happens to be a zebra print, a beautiful combination with the pajamas. Here comes the chaos:

:00 , The phone rings, it’s a colleague from my real job and we’ve been needing to talk all day.

:10 , Bonnie drives up with Emmy and a new band member whom I haven’t met yet, I’m still in an intense conversation on the phone with colleague.

:11, I put colleague on hold while I yell downstairs at Bonnie that I’m still getting dressed and on the phone.

:18, Eight more seconds into phone conversation and Lisa beeps in to tell me she got stuck behind a wreck; colleague is getting frustrated with all the distractions during our stategery conversation.

1:00 , I get off the phone with my colleague and realize I still need to do more work on my report.

1:06 , I go downstairs, the phone still in my hand, to meet the guy standing in my living room whom I’ve never met, I’m still in my fancy getup: pajama pants, zebra print top, partially applied makeup.

1:09, I’m visiting with the new guest in my house and explaining all the construction mess that surrounds us.

1:20, A Lexus SUV pulls up to the house.

1:22, I can’t figure out who’s in the Lexus – it’s not Lisa.

1:23 , I walk outside in my pajama pants and zebra print top, amongst the construction, to see who’s outside. I still have my hair pulled back in my ‘putting on makeup headband,’ and one masacara’d eye.

1:25, A cute Dallas girl gets out of the SUV.

1:27, The dogs, all 300 pounds of them, have decided they’re just real glad to see each other and strike up a game of ‘Ring Around the Rosey’. I’m the rosey.

1:29, The cute Dallas girl approaches me with a frightening look on her face, after all, I’m partially dressed in a real funky ensemble, hair pulled back in obvious “makeup application” mode. The dogs are still playing ‘Ring Around the Rosey’, and this time she’s the rosey.

1:30, Cute Dallas girl asks deranged looking farm hag if she’s in the right place. She’s looking for a lavender farm.

1:31, I’m mortified, standing there half dressed in partially applied makeup with 300 pounds of dogs running in circles, the phone is ringing in my hand and Lisa is driving up. It’s a little chaotic.

1:32, I explain to cute Dallas girl that I usually look real cute, too, she just caught me off guard, that the farm is closed, we’ve harvested all the lavender, that the gate was only open because I have guys working in the house on the construction, and that we’re rushing to get to a gig in Luckenbach because Bonnie has to be on stage in 15 minutes. Whew!

1:34, She’s looking at me like I’m the biggest NUT she’s ever met. I can tell she has visions of acres and acres of purple flowing lavender fields which she was planning to stroll, and instead she’s swatting mosquitoes and trying to keep dogs from knocking her over while standing in my front yard, which is actually a construction zone.

1:36, I finish my embarrassing conversation with cute Dallas girl, apologize profusely, this is not the way we like to greet our visitors at Hummingbird Farms, and send her on her way to Villa Texas in Fredericksburg.

Okay y’all, that was just a minute and a half. This kind of stuff went on ALL DAY. So now maybe you’ll give me a break for still being in my pajamas. Until we finally made our way to Luckenbach, the chaos and interruptions didn’t end – sort of.

After listening to Bonnie play, we’re sitting outside enjoying some sunshine, which we’ve not see in a week. I’m just relieved to have some time to relax. In the midst of lots of gab, Lisa gets a call from her good friend whom she calls “RB”. Lisa tells him we’re in Luckenbach with Bonnie and he says, “hey, y’all come back to Austin, I’m doing an impromptu tonight at Threadgill’s. Come on over, I’ll put y’all on the list”. We decide, what the heck, let’s go! Why not throw in another change of plans? Life’s too short for structure. Why not finish off an unstructured day with a sudden, abrupt change of plans?

So we head back to my house and change from Luckenbach clothes to Threadgill’s clothes, get the dogs fed and settled for the night, and head back to where Lisa & Bonnie started off, Austin.

We had a great time listening to RB and the band, and felt like we had our own little private concert since there probably weren’t more than 75 people there. Due to all the rain in Austin, the impromptu gig caught a lot of people off guard. And of course, it wouldn’t be considered impromptu if everyone knew about it…

The purpose of this whole story is to tell you that I had a great day – although 90% of the day was not what I had planned. But I couldn’t have planned it any better! And as good ‘ole Waylon used to say – I just needed a little Luckenbach “to get back to the basics of love (and life)”.

By the way, did I mention that RB happens to be a 9-time Grammy Award winner?


Kelli said...


That is the funniest thing I've heard in awhile.

And I get the 300 pounds of dog thing. Ours do that,too. And there is nothing you can do to stop them.

justabeachkat said...

OMG...what a awesome sounding day! Fun, fun, fun! Just when you think thing are c-r-a-z-y, they get even c-r-a-z-i-e-r! Which is fun, with a capital FUN!


Theresa said...

This reminds me of the old saying: "The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get!"

I soooo totally understand the excited dog thing! And believe me, they don't have to have a combined weight of 300 lbs., to make it crazy!

Myrna said...

WHEW! That's all I can say!

justabeachkat said...


Hope you don't mind. I tagged you for a restaurant meme. It's kinda fun.