Sunday, July 8, 2007

I've been tagged for my first meme! Kat tagged me for my 5 favorite restaurants. After reading her 5 favorite, I think I just want to go move in with her! She's not joking about her "I live in paradise" stuff.

Okay, I will give my best shot at my favorite restaurants, but it's not going to be so cut and dry for me. Since I live on a farm right in the middle of the Texas Hill Country, I don't exactly live amidst a plethora of restaurants. I mean, really. The closest town to me is 5 miles away, but I don't think I want to include in my Top 5 the 'gas station' in Stonewall. On Friday nights they serve fried catfish, and I will say it's pretty darn good. But, you know - I can't really say it's one of my top 5 favorite restaurants. And something about including a gas station as a favorite restaurant just sounds a little tacky. But interesting things occur in small towns, and when you live in a small town you find yourself doing things you would never do in the city. For example, we're also close to another small town, Blanco. I've got to tell you that one of the best cheeseburgers for miles and miles is at the bowling alley in Blanco. But again, including a bowling alley and a gas station in my Top 5 would - well, it just doesn't sound very glamorous, being the glamorous chick that I am...

So, I'm going to have to include the 3 towns I commute to for my dining. Albeit, we're talking 60-80 miles away, but that's just the way life is at Hummingbird Farms. I'm in San Antonio at least 3 days a week, shop most often in Austin which is the same distance from here as San Antonio, and do my grocery shopping and some dining in Fredericksburg. So, my 5 favorite restaurants come from these 3 towns. Here you go:

1. The Peach Tree in Fredericksburg. They're not open for dinner, but they have the BEST lunch and Sunday brunch. Cynthia is the owner, and she just doesn't cut corners, ever. All the recipes are her own. You can purchase her cookbooks, and I have to tell you that I use something out of one of her cookbooks almost every week. She has some great recipes for salads and dressings. She's a real stickler for fresh, organic food. Her salads, quiche, baked breads, and dessert - MMMM good! There's also an adorable boutique at the Peach Tree, so I can do my 2 favorite things when I'm there - eat and shop. And of course, the fact that they carry Hummingbird Farms line of Aromatherapy Body Care tells you just what great taste they have!

2. Fujiya in San Antonio. It's a sushi restaurant owned by Juno, a Japanese lady that runs a tight ship! Occasionally I'll two-time Juno and try a new sushi bar, but I always go crawling back asking for forgiveness, pleading that I'll NEVER date another fish. Fujiya doesn't have the swanky ambiance as some of the newer upscale sushi bars, but Juno is always consistent, always fresh, and always authentic Japanese.

3. Vespaio in Austin. This is just great Italian food. The fact that it's a small, quaint little place on Congress Avenue in Austin just makes it all the better. The food is always fresh and always good, authentic Italian. In the back of the restaurant, the owner grows his own herbs and tomatoes, he also makes his own mozzarella. Okay, now I'm hungry.

4. Paloma Blanca in San Antonio. This is great Mexican food y'all! It's actually more authentic Mexican food, not Tex-Mex which is what we're accustomed. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Tex-Mex, but it's also nice to have something a little different. Hands down, Paloma Blanca has the best ceviche anywhere. I have outright cravings for their ceviche, thanks to Big Mama, and have to make regular visits. They also have a great patio in the event you ever get that hankering for a margarita and some girlfriend time.

5. Hilda's in Fredericksburg. I know I said earlier that it wouldn't sound very glamorous of me to include a gas station and a bowling alley in my Top 5 favorite restaurants, but I just can't help myself on adding this hole in the wall. Hilda's doesn't have a dining room, but you can sit outside on picnic benches if you want. But that doesn't bother me one bit. I'd drive all the way to Marfa, TX if I had to, to get one of their carne guisada burritos. Hilda's is the reincarnated Mando's. And I just don't have anything else to say about that.

This is my first meme (thanks, Kat), and I think the rules are that I'm supposed to tag 5 other people. But being that I didn't even know what a meme was until about 10 days ago, I'm going to have to sleep on who the 5 are that I'm going to tag.

I'm tired.

And hungry.


justabeachkat said...

Thanks for was kinda fun, right? It does make you hungry though. It's just 7:35AM...I said AM...and I'm suddenly craving mexican! Wonder why?!

I'd love to visit all of your fav spots. Maybe someday....


Kelli said...

Hole in the walls are always are the best! It's the first thing we look for in any new town :)