Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's a Right of Passage

Last night we went to Paige’s birthday party, planned by Paige. That’s right, Paige (my friend for 34 years!) planned her own birthday party. Last year she waited around for her husband to plan something for her… and you know what that can mean when you wait for your husband to do something that is detail oriented...

I’m not bashing men here – I love my men, I’m simply stating a biological fact that attention to details and multi-tasking is something that is best left for the ladies. Generally speaking of course. I do have a friend named B, and boy can he plan a party …. But B is not of the male persuasion, although he’s a man, but he’s not of the lady persuasion either because, you know – he’s a man, but he’s… Oh, just never mind, I think you know what I mean. I love B and all B’s just like him!

Since Paige’s husband more or less forgot her birthday last year, she decided that she has earned the right, being 40 something, to plan her own darn birthday parties for now on – it’s a right of passage. Paige is very wise and I have decided to learn from her wisdom. Moving forward, I am going to plan my own birthday parties, too. I have not had a birthday party since I turned 8. I will never forget that day because it was also the same day that our new washer and dryer from Sears was delivered to our house. Although my mother planned games for us to play (I’ll never forget my Raggedy Ann themed party, with cake and all that my mother made), we just wanted to play with the big boxes that the washer and dryer were delivered in. We cut out a door and window in each box and had a grand old time! That poor donkey never got one tail pinned on him …

Anyhow, Paige’s birthday party planned by Paige was quite fun! We yakked all night, didn’t have near enough time to gab on all that we needed to gab about, and can’t wait to get together again.

Do I have pictures? Of course not – the disease flared up right as the party was getting started!

Speaking of parties, I only have 2 questions left from my very own planned Ask Me Anything Par-tay:

Do you like to cook? Yes, I love to cook. Now baking is another story. I am lousy at baking and have given up even trying. I can sure whip up a great dinner, but a pie – I just get nervous thinking about it. Although I love to cook, I will say that it is something I haven’t been doing much of lately due to the construction. My kitchen has more or less become the construction office, and it’s just hard to feel like Paula Dean when you can’t find the kitchen sink…

What’s your favorite children’s book? Like asking my favorite song, this is difficult for me to narrow down because again, I love books! I love everything Dr. Seuss because I just think he’s so clever. My two favorite Dr. Seuss books are Wish I had Duck Feet and Horton Hears a Hoo. I like to laugh – this is why I love Dr. Seuss.

Now the first “big” children’s book that I remember was Heidi. One summer when I was probably 6 or 7 and staying with my Nanny (as in grandmother), she read Heidi to my sister and me. I can remember lying in bed every night with Nanny in the middle of us reading the story. I hung on every word. I actually couldn’t wait for bedtime every night so she could read to us.

My second favorite “big” book that I read all by myself when I was 9 or 10 was Where The Red Fern Grows. I LOVED this book. My Aunt Barb who was a junior high reading teacher (and my Nanny’s sister) sent me this book. In fact, I completely hold her responsible for my love of reading. She was the one who insisted that Nanny read us Heidi, and she is also who gave me Where The Red Fern Grows, as well as numerous other books over the years that she insisted I read.

Years later, I mean years later – like 20 years, I moved to Arkansas. I remember driving through the beautiful Ozarks around Fayetteville and falling in love again with another one of God’s beautifully painted portraits and thinking to myself, “this must be where the red fern grows”… Isn’t it fantastic how books stay with you? I remember driving and thinking about the book my Aunt Barb encouraged me to read two decades earlier, and thinking about her and how much I loved her – and how I wished she was sitting right next to me in the car getting to see where the red fern grows.


justabeachkat said...

Planning your own party sounds like the way to go. I totally understand and agree about men and their non-planning problem. Men!

Two more things we have in common. I too love to cook (sometimes) but get nervous about baking and I love both books you mentioned.

Sorry about your "disease" might need to prop up your feet and take a double dose of chocolate. That always works for me.


Theresa said...

I've planned my own party a couple of times, but I'm just not much of a party person, so it's not a big deal for me.

I LOVED "Where the Red Fern Grows" when I was a kid! And "Heidi" is still a favorite that I re-read every couple of years!

TaunaLen said...

You know I've got the big 40 coming up, and I may just have to plan a bash for myself. It's something to ponder. I love your favorite children's book answers. Where the Red Fern Grows will always be part of my pre-teen memories. It's a world I can step into anytime I please, just by closing my eyes.


Pilar said...

Pilar wonders what feeling grown-up enough to plan your own birthday party says about a woman's liberation?