Thursday, August 2, 2007

Summer Sugar Shack

I just have to share this with y’all. My friend sent me this link because she knew I would be fascinated by it. She was right! Please check it out here, you’ll be glad you did! It’s photos of baby hummingbird twins still in their nest. This is their very own family album from birth to college! The hummingparents should be so proud!

We get asked quite a bit why our farm is called Hummingbird Farms. In fact, people will pull up to the house every now and then and ask if we ‘farm’ hummingbirds. They will say, “What exactly is a hummingbird farm?” We always have to explain that this is actually a lavender farm, we just like hummingbirds. But, the reason we call this place Hummingbird Farms is due to all the hummingbirds that spend the summer with us every year. I think we must live right over a migration trail or something, the Hummingbird Expressway.

We have some hummingbirds that stay the whole season, the summer hummers – we like to think of ourselves as the Hummingbird Hamptons. And then we have all the riffraff hummers that just come out for happy hour and to catch up on the latest gossip before they head back to their respective summer homes. Because, you know – The Hummingbird Hamptons is the place to be seen!

When Jack and I first moved out here we would sit outside almost every evening to watch the hummingbirds come up to the feeders. We still do this. We call it the hummingbird rodeo - and a rodeo it is! Well actually, since we’re the Hummingbird Hamptons, I guess they're actually playing Polo or Lacrosse or something. Anyway, whatever sport it is they're playing, we sure do enjoy watching them and it’s always a sad day when the last one leaves at the end of the season – we both get hit pretty hard with empty nest syndrome.


Kelli said...

I miss our hummingbirds ... but that was an awesome link.

I'm still loving my lavender stuff, btw. Loving it!!

LivingTheLife said...

You are so funny....I love the way you write...such a gift you have...for many things...but story telling is at the top for me! I love your hummingbird and Jack are my kind of know Hampton's type I am ever in your neck of the woods...I am so-ooo looking you guys up!! Gotta check out your paradise...and sit and listen to you tell stories...about life on Hummingbird Farm...funny..."do you farm hummingbirds?"...Yea...we do...we have little hummingbird tractors, HB barns, HB plows...along with a HB hanger for all the air shows they put on daily....gotta love that!!

By the way...I just noticed on your "about me"'re a Taurus...must be why my mind goes where yours does...I'm a Taurus, too...feel free to share your birthday w/me...mines April 25th...and I just celebrated my 1st anniversary of my 49th year...and I'm going to keep doing that year after year...

Blessings your way...

justabeachkat said...

Wow...amazing photos on that site. I can only imagine how gorgeous it is to see hummingbirds hovering over your beautiful lavender. Awesome visual!

Happy Friday!

I left you something at my blog :-)


TaunaLen said...

I miss hummingbirds too. We had them at our old house. Maybe I should make a concentrated effort to attract some. :-) They're really fun to photograph, too!

Theresa said...

I loved the link to the hummingbird pics! I love watching them in action.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lavender Chick! Luv your blog! I just discovered it while looking for an answer to the question..."Do hummers like lavender?" Well you answered it allright. I've been dying to start growing lavender for a couple of years now and you are inspiring me....Had to laugh outloud over the purple croc story.Toooo funny...Great fun! I may just have to come down for a visit! And I was thinking of visiting Sequim (sp?) in WA where they are the lavender kings of the US last time I checked...Anywho keeping on writing. I bet you'd like the magazine "MaryJane's Farm". It is an EXCELLENT organic catalog actually for her line of food products, and it is a no-ad mag, but well worth the read, and she really likes to highlight women and families going back to nature. And it is right up your alley - check it out - mabey even submit some of your writing! Have a great summer and may you have many vacation days ahead!Sheila B.