Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Chicken Is Alive & Elvis Is On TV, Life Is Good!

Okay y'all, if you don't get a thing done today, at least watch this clip. You'll be glad you did. I'm still laughing!

I don't know this lady, but I have made her my new best friend. I love her, I relate to her, and I would have revived that chicken, too!

(I hope I've done this right, I've never downloaded one of these video clip things)

Wasn't that great! I can't hang here long. Elvis is on TV and I don't want to miss a thing!!!


LivingTheLife said...

Bummer...my sound isn't working on my computer for some odd reason...don't know if it's the speakers...OR if I've hit something that shut it off...but I REALLY, REALLY would love to be able to hear this..I watched it...thinking I could tell what was going on w/o sound...but all I could gather from the first minute or so...was this lady was "flirting" big time w/Terry Bradshaw...as well as I know he was probably flirting right back. Did that show air last night??...b/c I would have loved to have seen it...a few weeks ago...I posted about my friend "Tommy" who had died...he and Terry Bradshaw were best friends all through jr. high, high school and college...and remained close until Tommy's death a few weeks back. Terry and Tommy were the TNT of football...Terry being the award winning quarterback...and Tommy being an award winning receiver....they both played at LSU in Ruston, La. and Tommy still holds one of the highest records for passes received EVER at that school...Terry went pro and played with the Steelers...Tommy went pro and played for the Vikings...until he had a career ending injury a year or so into his career...in fact Tommy and Barbara named their second daughter after Terry...she spells it Terri...Tommy used to tell us he didn't want to...but Terry B. made him...I never saw the 2 of them interact w/one another in person; but seeing them both seperately I can just imagine what kind of "crazy" they got into...I'll have to watch for the re-run of this one! And I'm sure whatever the lady was up to...had to be fun....sassy...and just down right adorable...just by her actions!

Lavender Chick said...


I forwarded the video clip to you in a different format. I hope it gets to you, and that it works for you this time. It is so, so funny! I just got through showing it to Jack and he immediately told me to forward it to his buddy in Virginia. Like me, he was bellied over, laughing.

I don't know when it aired. My friend Bubba (John) forwarded it to me because he knew I would love it. Let me know if you get it in the separate e-mail I forwarded to you.

If anyone else can't access it, let me know and I'll forward the different format to you in an e-mail attachment.

Regarding Terry Bradshaw - I just think he's hilarious. I love him because he like to laugh. I can only imagine what your friend Tommy must have been like. So sorry for you loss.

My best,

LivingTheLife said...

Thanks for your kind words about the loss of my brother...yes I have a lot of fond memories of Gary...and then again...I can tell you some real "horror" stories, too...isn't that what brothers are for...but I tend to only remember the good these days...and I know that is just how God wants it to be...I am thankful to have had such a strong influence as my brother in my life...he taught me many things...and I will always have a special place in my heart for him.

Now as for the seperate email you sent me...I DID get it...but it's not your posting that is the problem...it really is my silly computer speakers...I NEED new ones or a NEW computer I guess...I have been having trouble w/them for a while...and I've tried everything I know to fix the problem...and I have been proscrastinating about replacing them...because...well, that is such a hassle...Thanks for trying so hard to get the sound my way...though! I'll just check it on my sisters computer in a few days...then I'm sure I'll be rolling over in the floor right along with you and Jack!

Yes...my friend Tommy was a NUT...a "tiny" bit more subdued than Terry...but only slightly!

Thanks again for your sweet comments...


Anonymous said...

That was great! Thanks, I needed a good laugh...and a reminder of what living in Arkadelphia, Ark. was like! I went to college there and yep, she's a good example!

justabeachkat said...

OH.MY.WORD!!!! That was tooooo funny! Thanks for a good belly laugh.