Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I don’t know nothin’ bout birthing babies!

Okay y’all, if any of you know how to interpret dreams, you’ve gotta help me out on this one. Are you ready?

It’s a weird one.

Last night I dreamt that I was big, huge pregnant and going into labor (which is biologically impossible in real life). Anyway, in the dream I could actually feel the baby moving around inside of me, and even some cramping and pressure. It was remarkable.

This is when it really gets weird. Big Mama and I were in my hometown walking (she was walking, I was waddling) in very cold weather, trying to get to the Dairy Queen so I could deliver my baby. Big Mama kept saying, “I can see the DQ sign, we’re getting closer, just keep walking.” As we’re walking, I’m holding my big, pregnant belly and looking towards the tall red Dairy Queen sign. Big Mama is helping to hold me up as we walk and I say her, “boy, is this ever going to give us something to blog about!” Big Mama says, “oh yes it will, but right now we just have to get you to the Dairy Queen.”

Please help me y’all. Am I nuts???

P.S. No, I have not been smoking my lavender.


Sami K said...

Yes. This affirms it. You are nuts.
Now everyone else knows.

LivingTheLife said...

yikes...I couldn't tell you what the dream means but I will make some wildly profound guesses...lol...other than you have a very wonderful and vivid imagination (which is evident in your wonderful writings)I would have to say it could be due to one of several things...1) all the time you've spent being Aunt Mama could play into it! 2) The fact you are wanting to take on a new hobby (knitting) so it will kind of be a baby of sorts until you learn all the ins and outs? 3)Then maybe you watched the movie "Where The Heart Is" with Natalie Portman (I love her b/c she is a great actress, but she also reminds me a lot of my daughter) and Ashley Judd...about the WalMart BABY! You know you had the whole DQ theme going...so that could be it! Gotta love that movie!! I just couldn't tell you...Oh! #4) I know it's all the mothering you have had to do with Poncho being on the mend...by the way how is Poncho doing???? You see I am just guessing with all of these...but then again...it could be the dreaded #5) which is you ate too much before going to bed OR you smoked too much of the Lavendar weed...or drank too much of the Lavander wine...other than those 5 ideas...I got NOTHIN!!

Loved the vivid dream though...and it cleared one thing up...you dream in color...I suppose b/c you kept looking for the RED DQ sign...so knowing that little tid-bit helps to know ...you're very creative!

Good luck with unraveling this little mystery...can't wait to see what others have come up with!


Lavender Chick said...

Dear T,

You could be right on with your analysis of my dream. I like your logic! It makes sense to me.

As for as your questions, first of all - Poncho is doing great. We're still having to keep him in the house, so my whole house stinks. Not that it matters, being that it's full of construction dirt. We might as well add some stink to the dirt. He's now decided he likes life indoors and is playing up the whole 'I'm sick and in pain' thing very well. I'm proud of him, I raised him right.

Regarding dreaming in color, oh yes I do. I remember learning years ago that some people only dream in black and white. I feel so sorry for them. Some people also say that dogs only see in black and white. Not at Hummingbird Farms - we're a full technicolor family!!

justabeachkat said...

Good Lord. First you had me laughing with the post about the lady doing CPR on a chicken and now this!! Too funny!

My guess...you had GAS! Yep, I really said that...GAS. I'm sure that's why you felt like you were in labor. HA!

It's funny how our dreams work. BTW, I dream often and in color too.


Lucy said...
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Lucy said...

im sorry