Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grandmotherly Goodness

This morning while I was soaking in the tub I thought of a funny story about my grandmother. I thought I would share it, because it gives you a good idea about the kind of lady she was.

She actually spent quite a bit of time here with us; she loved the farm and always enjoyed getting to be waited on for once in her life. She was a preacher’s wife, the mother of 6, and grandmother of – oh Lord, it would take me a while to count it all up. She was the grandmother of many, and she spent quality time with each one of us; lots of time, in fact. We each had a unique relationship with her, she made sure of it.

Anyway, she always enjoyed coming to visit us because she loved the peacefulness out here. She spent her time walking through the lavender fields or just sitting on the front porch reading. She loved to drive around the hill country looking at the wildflowers, and we spent a great deal of time doing just that. She always knew the name of every flower we came across. I was always amazed at how she could remember the names of all of them.

She was always very healthy and never had any major illnesses, which of course was a good thing, being that she was quite busy raising 6 kids, then managing all those grand kids, and all the while being the ultimate church lady. She was just too busy to ever be sick. Her mission was taking care of the sick. And of course feeding them. My, oh my, she did feed a lot of people!

When she was 77 her doctor told her she had high blood pressure. She was so angry! She kept saying, “I can’t believe I’ve caused this!” I don’t know how many times I told her that she didn’t cause it, that it probably had more to do with her age and just a natural progression. She was adamant that she was NOT going to be taking medicine for something “she caused”, and you know what? She didn’t. Instead, she increased her one-mile daily walk to 2 or 3 miles, and continued to go to aerobics 3 times a week. I’m serious. And yes, this was when she was 77. By the time she went back to the doctor, she had lost 20 pounds and didn’t need the high blood pressure medicine! She couldn’t wait to tell me, “See, I told you I caused this.”

So back to the funny story I thought of this morning. She was here visiting last spring. It was just before bed and I went to check on her and tell her goodnight. As I walked in the room, she was lying flat on her back on the hard wooden floor with her legs up in the air.

“Grandmother! What are you doing? Are you okay?”

“Oh yes, I’m fine. I’m just doing this exercise for my back.”

“Is your back hurting?”

“Not anymore, because I’m doing my exercises. I did have a backache and the doctor showed me how to do this exercise. He told me if I would do it every night before going to bed it would help my back.”

“I never knew you went to the doctor because of your back. How long ago was this?”

“Well, let me think. Let’s see. I guess that would have been about 47 years ago.”


justabeachkat said...

Oh.My.Word! What a cute story. She sounds like a real character and one who would be fun to be around.


Big Mama said...

That cracks me up!