Monday, October 15, 2007

Who's Yo Momma?

This is so funny y’all! I have to take you back a few months to get you up to date.

A few months ago we awoke to a big, Black Angus bull on our place – and he didn’t belong to us. We knew immediately that it belonged to the rancher that lives across from us. We called our neighbor and he and Jack got him rounded up and back home. He had literally jumped the fence. I can’t say I didn’t blame him, being that we have the 3 most beautiful Texas Longhorn girls in the state! Yes, they might be a little fat – but who can blame them? We’ve had much more than usual rain this year, which means more than an abundance of hay. And of course they’re a little spoiled, so we just let them eat all they want.

These are our girls. You’ve probably read some posts about them before. Their names are Marsha, Gayle, & Kathy, and we refer to them as “The Girls”. They were named after my mother Marsha, and her sister Gayle, and their cousin (who is just like their sister), Kathy. Yes, we’re all about family names around here.

Nothing but the best for our girls.

We love our longhorns and get the biggest kick out of them. I don’t know how many of y’all have had much experience with longhorns, but I have to tell you that they are really smart. They’re also very funny, and they each have their own distinct personalities.

Marsha is extremely nosey and regularly comes up to the house to peak through our windows. It’s not uncommon to be in the dining room and have Marsha staring at you. It makes for some very interesting conversation during dinner parties.

Kathy is kind of like ‘Chicken Little’. For her, the sky is always falling and she’s constantly warning us about danger, danger, danger. One day she was out in the field making a horrific, wailing noise. She kept on for quite a while until I finally walked out to the field to see what was wrong. The closer I got to her the more frantic she became. I finally realized there was a dead raccoon about 20 feet from her. She did not like it ONE BIT and wanted it gone. She gets a little out of sorts sometimes.

Gayle is our little shy girl who’s always sweet and unassuming. Marsha & Kathy will nudge her out of the way when they’re eating their cubes. She usually lets them have their way, as she just wants everyone to be happy. We have a little soft spot for Gayle.

Okay – back to the big bull on our side of the fence. It was pretty early in the morning when I spotted him. I panicked.

That bull better not be bullying my girls, and he darn sure better not be thinking nasty things he wants to do to my girls!

I yelled for Jack and he immediately came to the rescue. He said he was sure the bull hadn’t been there long because he had been outside a bit earlier and didn’t see him then. When we called the neighbor, he also said he was sure the bull hadn’t been here long because he had been out feeding earlier and the bull was there.

Needless to say, it appeared to be a non-issue and all was well.

Now fast-forward to last week, late Thursday afternoon to be exact. I was in my home office on a teleconference. I’m actually hosting the conference call, so you know – I need to be a bit on my “A” game. Just as the conference call was getting started I become extremely, and very embarrassingly, distracted. I’m trying to act all professional and smart and stuff, because you know - I am.
Really I am.
But I can’t quit getting distracted by what is occurring outside my window and in our courtyard. Marsha is running up towards my window at high speed. She’s kicking up her heels, running in circles, just really carrying on. Three different times she comes running into the courtyard, obviously trying to get my attention. It was odd behavior for her, really what was more typical of the ‘sky is always falling’ Kathy.

By the time my conference call ended I walked outside and saw the girls way out in the field and all seemed normal. I didn’t think anything else of it.

Then came the weekend and Jack and I did a lot of work inside the house. We didn’t pay much attention to the girls because they were out grazing and didn’t need any attention from us. Today I was back at work and Jack called me to say the girls were acting strangely; that Marsha & Gayle kept coming up to barn where he was working, acting like they wanted his attention. He thought it was strange that it was only Marsha & Gayle, because the 3 of them are usually together. Jack drove the Gator out to the field where Kathy was, with Marsha & Gayle following. Again, he didn’t see anything strange. He drove back to the barn and the 3 girls stayed in the field – they didn’t follow him back to the barn.

Several hours later, at about 6:30, I drive in from town. I could see the girls clear across the hayfield. Something was different. Something was off. I get Jack and we drive out in the field where the girls are. And guess what?
We're so excited.
Jack just smoked a cigar.



Theresa said...

Well, Congratulations!!! Which one of the girls is the momma??? And how could you have had a pregnant long horn roaming your property and not realized?? Are you going to post pics of the baby soon??

Big Mama said...

Congratulations. That ties in perfectly to my conversation with Caroline last night.

So, who is the mama?

TaunaLen said...

That is so cool, and I can't wait to see pictures. And I just love your bathroom -- it's gorgeous.


justabeachkat said...

How exciting!! We want pictures!!

Love the whole story.