Monday, November 5, 2007

Do I have a self-awareness issue?

I am totally not a photographer, so I'm sorry if the picture of my Sunday night Red Snapper/Crawfish creation looked a little - uh, not so appetizing. It tasted really good, but now that I've looked at the picture I posted I'm realizing it actually looks quite gross. Sorry if I caused any of you the heevie jeebies.

As I'm typing this, it makes me think of my Uncle George. He's quite the character, never at a loss for words and always speaks pretty much whatever is on his mind. We were once at a family dinner when someone sat a casserole dish in front of him and he said, "Do we or have we?"

So, as I looked at the rather disgusting picture of what I thought put Pappadeaux's Special of the Day to shame, I thought to myself - Oh my Lord, it looks like a do we or have we dish.

Sorry for my lack of photographic skills. I don't have a clue how to crop pictures or do that photo shop touch up stuff. I'm doing good to just be able to upload a picture.

One thing's for sure: I will NOT post a picture of my Thanksgiving turkey.

Especially not my broccoli casserole.

That just might do y'all in...


justabeachkat said...

Honestly, I'm not sure what you're talking about....I thought it looked delish!


me said...

I agree with Kat...looks yummy! Any chance you'd share your recipe? I have no idea how to make crawfish sauce.

Love your blog-especially the Longhorns.


LivingTheLife said...'re too hard on doesn't look bad at all...however, I'm not a sea food lover...can you believe I don't usually get excited over fish...but I am so sure it was delish...and my husband would love me even more if I would just "gut it up" and cook more delish meals with yours.

I leave that up to the chef...he makes great dishes as well as beautiful...and my daughter is a artist/ maybe I can get some tips from both of them on how to "stage" a meal for pictures...check her pics out on her site...she's on my sidebar...The Wonderful World of Jackie...she can take the most ordinary thing...and turn it into extrodinary...I've asked her not to buy me anything for Christmas...just give me some of her awesome pics...I hope she will take some of the pics we took in Italy...I took a lot of doors...I know crazy, huh...but I fell in love with those doors...and I'm hoping she does some magic with them...and I can mat and frame them for our home...

You're so funny wondering if your pic gave us the