Saturday, December 22, 2007

2007 Top Ten

I got this idea from Meg, which I thought was a good one, so I’m following suit. Now we may not be People or Time Magazine, but hey – we have people (and animals, places, and things) that are important to us, too. So here it goes, Lavender Chick’s Top 10 for 2007:

10. Big Mama - I never knew what a blog was until Big Mama enlightened me last spring. In hindsight, I actually think that this is what my cousin, Alli, tried to explain to me a few years ago; At the time, a blog was beyond my realm of comprehension. I think my comment to her was, "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of - why would ANYONE want an on-line journal the whole world could read? That's just crazy." (Sorry, Alli - as usual, you're ahead of your time) And now here I am almost 100 posts later. Anyway, I LOVE Big Mama's stories and can always count on a good daily laugh. And of course an education from her Friday Fashion Posts. Just where would I be today without Big Mama?

9. XM Radio. I spend a minimum of 8 hours a week commuting in my car. I repeat, a MINIMUM. Last year for Christmas, Jack bought me a satellite radio for my car. I can’t tell you how much entertainment that radio has provided me.

8. No. 145 Lavender Body Lotion – Yes, I am nominating my own lotion for my Top 10. It’s my list and I can do this. And yes, I’m bragging once again about this lotion. I developed it because I needed it and no one else has come up with anything better. Not only is it so natural you could eat it (but please don’t), it keeps me perfectly moisturized and smelling good. I have a tendency to get extremely dried out due to my hobby, which is bathing. According the the dictionary, a hobby is an activity or interest pursued outside one's regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure. Yep, this makes bathing my #1 hobby, which leads me to #7 on my list.

7. My tub. Yes, it’s the best and I can’t get enough of it. Some people have a dream car or dream house, I have a dream tub. It’s everything I ever wanted from a tub and more. I love it and it loves me. Thank you, tub, for bringing so much joy to my life.

6. Bob. He was our big surprise this year. He’s growing everyday and learning how to be a Longhorn, although it looks like he's not going to have long horns…or any horns.

5. Chuck & Dottie. They’re our neighbors and we just love them. They have been so good to us, always checking on the animals and the house when we’re away, keeping us encouraged about our lavender business, and always offering to help out with things around here. They’re fun and reliable and understanding. It’s so assuring having neighbors like them. They're also nuts about their animals, just like us.

4. Buckaroo – Our little boy, and our dog. One of them. We were told last spring that his 14 years could be coming to an end and to more or less prepare. We were just devastated. Six months later he’s doing great! We feel so fortunate. We love him so much, he’s our family, and he inspires us with what unconditional love is all about.

3. Our nieces and nephews. What can I say about these kids? They’re just terrific kids and I can’t imagine how lonely our lives would be without them. They have given us so much joy.

2. Josh Grobin’s rendition of I’ll Be Home For Christmas on his Noel CD. Jack bought this CD and we have just about worn it out this Christmas. Every song on it is just beautiful, but special kudo’s goes to Josh for his rendition of I’ll Be Home For Christmas. In case you’re not aware, this song was written by Walter Kent (made famous by Bing Crosby) when we were in the depths of World War II. In Josh Grobin’s recording, he includes recorded messages from some of our troops in Iraq. I have to tell you that it’s almost more than I can handle. Hearing their voices wishing us a Merry Christmas from Iraq just tugs at my heart. One of the recorded messages is from a mother who is wishing her 4-year-old daughter a Merry Christmas. If this is not the sacrifice of all sacrifices, I don’t know what is. I can't imagine being a mother and missing Christmas with your 4-year-old while defending the country in Iraq. GOD BLESS ALL THE MOTHERS living or stationed in Iraq & Afghanistan. This leads me to...

1. All Our Troops. Do I need to say more? To all of the them, I wish a Merry Christmas; and yes, even if you can’t be home for Christmas, you will be in my dreams…

And prayers.


LivingTheLife said...

I loved all your top 10...and especially the #1...thanking our service men and women...what would we do without their dedication....

Merry Christmas to you and Jack...and all of those who dwell at Hummingbird Farms...speaking of...I'm going to have to order some of that Lavender sounds heavenly...I just love Lavender....

Blessings friend...& Merry Christmas...


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful list!
I understand how you feel about your tub. As a fellow bather (love how you called it your hobby) I understand the nomination.
What a great list!
Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Loved the list- and you are right- Praise and prayers to our troops! We wish a most blessed Christmas Day to you and your family from both of ours.

Merry Christmas,
kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

Your list is inspiring and I'm stunned and flattered to be part of it. Thank You! We were raised that friends and neighbors help each other and we try to help when we can. I know you and Jack are there for us, too. Merry Christmas dear friend and may you have the Happiest of New Years!


Kari & Kijsa said...'s us again...kijsa posted that comment...but I had to just echo it....wonderful...wonderful list and I wanted to say how much I applaud you making the troops number 1!...and your lotion looks fabulous, too!

Happy 2008...kari (and kijsa)

JacQ said...

Dear Deb,

It's JacQ, long time no talk. I would let everyone know how much I love your Lavender Lotion. It is the top of the line quality product!

It helps with bug bites, it helps with cracked skins, it even relaxes me. My husband and I go everywhere with it.

Though, we are running low, so I will probably be ordering one from you soon!

Hope all is well! We are still here if you would like to talk to us about business~

Though, we have been making lots of progress in out dream on becoming full time RVers!

Visit us at

Happy 2008!

JacQ and Jeremy from SA