Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Eve Rules

Do y’all open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Probably the two most important questions that come up for newly married couples are: Do we hang our toilet paper roll over or under? And, Will we open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Well y’all, when Jack and I married we were right-on regarding toilet paper – it definitely has to roll over. Unfortunately, we’re not quite on the same page with opening presents.

My family, who by the way celebrates Christmas THE RIGHT WAY, always opens on Christmas Eve. Our tradition is that Christmas Eve is the night everyone, children & adults, opens gifts from each other. Then the rest of the evening the children get all ready for Santa and his big ride. The kids are just giddy all night telling Santa stories and wondering when he’ll make his great landing at the house, if he will still come in the house if you don’t have a chimney, and if he’s going to eat the cookies that have been left for him.

When Christmas morning finally arrives, usually way too early for the adults, the house becomes total chaos with all the excitement about what Santa left under the tree. There’s simply no way adults could even attempt to open their gifts with all the craziness. Plus, they're exhausted because they stayed up playing cards (it was "Blitz" for my family) until 2:00 a.m. and now they're up with the kids at 5:00 a.m....

Jack’s family, however, is firm that there is NO opening of presents until Christmas Day. Being the good daughter-in-law that I am, I follow along with their traditions. Far be it from me to say anything about HOW WRONG they are. I’m just a good, go with the flow kind-of-girl, and always look forward to trying new things no matter HOW RIDICULOUS they are. I was properly raised and know to never tell anyone that their traditions ARE TOTALLY BACKWARDS. I mean, come on - I love Jack and his family and have nothing but complete respect for them and their traditions, even the ones THAT MAKE NO SENSE.

So, my question to you is – When do you open presents, Eve or Day?

And just for grins, over or under?


J.Douglass said...

Greetings from the greatland of Alaska ~ there's is ONLY one way that TP goes and that is OVER THE TOP ~ as for opening gifts, we open one on Christmas eve and the rest on Christmas day... we take our time and make it last... and just remember, Alaska is BIGGER that Texas ~ have a most blessed Christmas season! Sending angel hugs from the far north...

Liz G. said...

Over the top, of course.

And one package per person on Christmas eve - they get to pick which one of the ones under the tree they will open - and then the rest get opened Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas!!

Painted Groove Girl said...

OK, I don't pay attention to the over or under thing. I have to rein in my obsessive-compulsive tendencies somewhere. Howeverrrrr, I will say that you are COMPLETELY CORRECT and Jack's family is just plain MISGUIDED. One good way to look at it, though, is that you extend the present-opening for two days instead of one. We have present-opening (and unfortunately food-eating) scheduled for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

zoom said...

TP is definately over.

I totally concur with your family. Everyone opens up on Christmas eve, kids get Santa on Christmas morning. It is just logical.

Anonymous said...

I agree on the TP. It is most definately over.

Unfortunately, Christmas presents are opened on Christmas morning. With six kids in our family, my mom used to have us open our presents one at a time, starting with the youngest to the oldest. Think my mom was neurotic?

Merry Christmas from Michigan!

RealEstateGirl said...

This is funny! I stopped in from Beachkat's blog. I was intriqued by your profile photo---my hubby and I always kid that we are the REAL live version of Green Acres!

I was an "under" girl until we married, cause that's how I was raised, but hubby converted me to an "over" girl and now when we go home to visit my mom, I switch all of hers!!!

Also, we open gifts on Christmas morning and then travel to Atlanta in the afternoon to celebrate and open gifts with family there. My parents never would let us open any on Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas!

LivingTheLife said... this is quite the dilemma with this whole over/ under question AND the Christmas Eve versus Christmas Day thingy!

First we are such an "over" kind of just wouldn't believe how over we are...except when hubbin re-loads the roller it is usually just set up on top of the existing EMPTY roll...yea...we don't want to go there...not this close to Christmas!

As for the CE vs. C. thing...well, throughout my childhood we did it correctly...much like your family...but when we married and had children, we had to decide how things would work best for open one gift on CE (which is ALWAYS the pjs you are to wear for the Christmas morning pictures but usually always has a little sumpin sumpin inside that is on the must have list.) This is what we came up with once we combined our two families traditions AND we are to NEVER deviate from this...oh! sorry, my tendancy to be in charge is taking hold..not enough sleep I guess...Throughout the last couple of years however, things have HAD to be switched around a bit...b/c of the chilren getting married ....yeah I thought that was rude of them, too...but anyhoo...we really try to stick with the traditions we have set for our family over the years...but sometimes we just have to "wing" it!...We have certain traditions we keep in play...just may have to celebrate on a different day...I must say though...I did love the CE tradition when I was a child...b/c we would always go look at Christmas lights then home again for hot chocolate, roasted marshmellows and Christmas unwrapping!! Too much fun!

Oh! am I wrong or did I detect a note of sarcasm or disgust in your post...hmmm???? Not our Lavender Chick! lol

Blessing and Merry Christmas!

cyn said...

Over, definitely over.
We open presents on Christmas day. Of course now we do both due to having so many family homes we go to. But growing up we always did it on the day....never on Christmas eve. WE do, however give the kids one present that night - new jammies!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

We have become more flexible as the kiddos get older. Now it is whenever we can get together.
Butt on the other matter~ over the top!
Merry Christmas y'all!

joan said...

When I was growing up we opened the presents on Christmas Eve and we still do with my side of the family but my hubby and I do our family thing on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

justabeachkat said...

I wish for you and yours the merriest of Christmases filled with family, love, food and fun and many memory making moments.

Christmas hugs sweet friend!

(TP goes over for sure! We always opened everything on Christmas Day when I was growing up so we did that too. Your way sounds the best though!)