Thursday, December 27, 2007

Country Mouse Visits City Mouse

We had a wonderful Christmas visiting my sister and her family in the city.

Although they live in the city, you don't feel like it when you're at their place because their home is surrounded by pines. You can barely see any of the neighboring houses.

And the best part of all, my brother-in-law built this house - by himself!

Come on in and I'll show you around.

As you come into the foyer, the dining room is to the right and the library is to the left.

I love this old Aames Chair she has in the library. You don't see many around these days. I actually spotted one in Painted Groove's basement the other day - I told her she needed to get that thing dusted off and in the house!

Here's Jack with Miss High Falutin' and the baby. Oh, wait a minute, you can't see the baby.

There he is! What a sweetie... We couldn't get enough of him. He's at that super sweet age where he just smiles and laughs all the time. He thinks his two big sisters are just too funny!

Here I am with the baby and the two nieces. I just wish my other two nephews had been there too....

These two little girls are having a very difficult time containing themselves right now. They know we will be opening presents in just a little while.

This is my oldest niece, I call her J Bean. Oh, to be 8 years old and this full of excitement ... I hope her whole life is filled with this much joy.

And a Merry Christmas was had by all....


Patriot said...

Wow! What a beautiful home! Glad to see that you had a good Christmas!

justabeachkat said...

Gosh, their home is beautiful! I loved seeing all the photos. The baby sure is growing fast. What fun to be around children at Christmas! You sure looked "purty".

(ps...I'm loving the lotion!)

Cote de Texas said...

So beautiful - i'm wondering - what big city? And the floors - they look so dark - I love that!

BUT, WOW - you are gorgeous!!!!! I had no idea - I thought you were older for some reason and frumpy. Hmmmmm, why? I don't know - maybe it was the Lady Bird Johnson post. Oh well, you had me fooled!!! BEAU-T-FULLLLL!

Chrissie said...

How lovely! Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas! Your sister's home is lovely. Isn't it fun to share Christmas with children? You have a beautiful family, LC! God bless you and yours, and give to you all a Happy New Year!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

They have a beautiful home! Merry Week After Christmas and Happy New Year (almost!)!!!


Gracie J said...

Hi Lav!
I have been a long-time reader of your blog. Such a beautiful home and a beautiful family. I would love to see more pics. I am designing a house right now and need inspiration. Does your sister have a blog?
Happy New Year, Grace

Freddie Sirmans said...

You have a very, very interesting blog.

LivingTheLife said...

Loved the tour of "sisters" home...but what I loved more than anything was seeing your darlin' nieces and that cutie patootie nephew...he has grown...and such a punkin'...oh...and that bigger than life "smile" on Jack's face...priceless...I bet you two are the BEST aunt and uncle any niece or nephew could have...doncha just love em! OH! and girlfriend you're one very pretty aunt...why you just don't look old enough to have nieces and must have been 10 or 12 when they were born...that's a great picture of you w/them!

Blessings...glad your Christmas was so special and full of family and fun...


Painted Groove Girl said...

You? Country Mouse? Well I've never heard of such a thing.