Thursday, February 7, 2008

Growing Old Ain’t For Sissies

Your skin may purge a bit after your treatment.

That’s what the cute little aesthetician with the perfect skin said to me after my sandblasting treatment. She lied.

I didn’t “purge a bit”, I’m having an all out 14-year-old identity crisis. Except I don’t remember having zits and hot flashes when I was 14… Why didn’t she just tell me the truth? This is what that perky little flawless skin know-it-all meant to say:

“Being that you were cursed with horrible acne-prone skin, you’re going to visit zit city in a few days – in fact, the more I analyze your extremely poor skin tone and horrendous pores, you most likely won’t be visiting zit city, but you will be moving there and taking up permanent residency. You’ve got a lot of crap hidden under layers of sun damage and years of cheap drugstore makeup. And really horrible genes. You’re really screwed. You should consider hiding out for the next month.”


justabeachkat said...

Oh.My.Word! Girl, you can make anything funny. I'm not laughing though 'cause I know this isn't a laughing matter. I had a treatment today myself and my face is on fire tonight. I don't look so hot either.


zoom said...

When I had my skin sanded, she told me that I might have some slight peeling and flaking. Talk about an understatement.

This was on a Thursday. On Saturday morning, as I was having a reunion with my friends, my skin began to combust. At noon, a friend said, "What on earth is wrong with your skin?" I shedded like a snake for about 3 days.

It was a mess, until about a week later. When, honest to Pete, it looked great.

Boyz3Mommy said...

Oh SWEET Hay-SUS...I don't know if I will ever try this? Maybe I'll just stay fat and keep all my pores and wrinkles filled to the brim so I'll continue to look so young and innocent. Love you lady!!

Design Block said...

I am going to respond to this... but on the phone later.

Painted Groove Girl said...

Oh Lord! This sounds like what I would face if I was brave/ridiculous enough to have my lips permanently tatooed with a fresh and supple natural-looking lip color. I would be broken out in herps from chin to forehead. You poor thing. But, as they say, you gotta pay to play.

I'm sure you'll be gorgeous when the zit crisis wanes.

Design Block said...

I love the photos. If you ever want to get me a present... I would love to hang some in my home.

Also, thank you for holding down the fort while I am forced to be away.