Saturday, March 1, 2008

I used to be Deb, but now I'm Lavender Chick

Hi y'all! I'm back after a little hiatus. I really didn't mean to take that much time off, it's just that time got away from me. As we head into the blooming season here at Hummingbird Farms, it gets a little hectic. And not so glamorous either.

Not much going on around here except some spring cleaning. In fact, I'm feeling guilty being on the computer right now when there is so much to do! It's also a beautiful Hill Country day out there and I really want to go enjoy it.

I did want to take a moment to say Happy Birthday to my Dad. His name is Bob. Yes, the namesake of baby Bob, the not so longhorn. However, we have NO doubt that our baby Bob will grow up and become an Original Bad Bob, which is what the boys from my high school days used to call my dad. He has indeed lived up to his title. Oh, the stories I could tell...

Anyway, my dad is a character and I don't know of anyone else like him. Not even close. He's not a mushy, kiss you all over kind of dad. He's just a matter of fact father. It's funny, I have lots of cards and notes he's written over the years, and he always signs them Love, Bob. Never Love, Dad.

It's just how it is when you're The Original Bad Bob. He was born to be Bad Bob. My grandmother used to tell me the story about his first day of school. Up to this point everyone called him Bobby. But that all changed at the ripe old age of 5 when his new teacher asked him to tell her and the rest of his class his name. He stood at his desk and said, "It used to be Bobby, but now it's Bob".

Happy birthday, Dad!



justabeachkat said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Bad Bob!

We call my husband Bad Dad. Sometimes it's nice when he's bad. Wink, wink!


Painted Groove Girl said...

Bad Bob never has dropped off my Official Top Five Honorable Men That I Know List. So there.

Chrissie said...

Good see you! Happy Birthday to your Dad - I love that story - so cute! God bless your day and the work you're doing with lavender - what a joy that must be!

LivingTheLife said...

Happy, Happy BAD BOB!!! Tell him CRAZY LOLLY says "hi"...he won't know who you're talking about...but does that really matter...after all I'm crazy and he's there you go!

I am glad to see you are back with us...I've been absent myself...but I have checked in almost every day to see if my favs are posting...I kept seeing your last know the one that has me singing "To all the MOMS I've snubbed before" the tune of the great Willie and Julio..."to all the girls I've loved before"...EVERY time I saw that title...that is what I thought of...hmmm...I think I'm going to have to take a shot at writing a song to go with that title...I'll be thinking!


LivingTheLife said...

checking in to see if all is well...just wondering...????