Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Summer Hummers & Bummers

The summer hummers are back for a season of love in their sugar shacks. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me every year when that first little hummingbird shows up, scouting the area to be sure that Hummingbird Farms is open for summer camp. In no time at all, that one little scout goes and tells his family & friends that they’ll be spending yet another summer at their favorite camping spot.

And then they eat me out of house and home.

I think I need to start growing sugar cane instead of lavender … Or at least buy stock in Imperial Sugar. Are they a publicly traded company?

I know, I know... my photography leaves much to be desired. Don't worry - Lisa is coming out here later this week and I'm sure she will get some great shots that truly document the number of hummers out here.

Along with the summer hummers, we also get visitors of another sort. We can call them the summer bummers

This beauty bummer was actually on the curtains in my morning room! As soon as I saw it I started hollering for Jack to get a ruler. Because he never asks me questions anymore about why I need certain things, (he gave up doing that a long time ago) he just said, “I don’t know where a ruler is.” So of course I hollered back to go dig in the junk drawer in the kitchen.

And to hurry.

I guess he couldn’t stand the suspense any longer, being that I kept saying, “hurry, hurry, hurry, oooooh, oh Lord, ooooh, oh Lord!” He finally came into the morning room to see what was going on.

Jack: WHOA!

Me: Isn’t it just fantastic?

Jack: Well, it’s big, that’s for sure. Why do you need a ruler?

Me: So I can take its picture with a ruler next to it. I want everyone to see how huge it is.

Jack: I can't find a ruler.

Me: Well, I need something fast before this thing eats us. There! Grab that bottle of lotion; that will at least put into perspective the size of this thing.

So there it is, a beautiful summer bummer. I guess he's scouting for the perfect summer camp, too. I'm just hoping his extended family doesn't like the taste of lavender, especially if they decide that they, too, enjoy camp at Hummingbird Farms... We could be in trouble!

Now don’t let this picture deceive you. You see, after I snapped the picture I realized that the size of this creature wasn’t done justice being that Jack was holding the lotion bottle. Jack, you see, has huge football player hands, making my lotion bottle and summer bummer look meager and weak.

You’re just going to have to take my word for it! This mutant ninja grasshopper summer bummer was bigger than any of our summer hummers!


Stacey said...

Thanks, Debi - for the "summer vs. lotion bottle" picture - I laughed out loud. Kinda scared the dogs!

justabeachkat said...

Oh.My.Word! I'd be screaming for George to come save me instead of yelling for a ruler!!!!!!!!!!!


Painted Groove Girl said...

If we would have found that monstrousity in our house, I would have had to switch into my "man of the house" role and Ryan most certainly would not have gotten close enough to hold the lotion bottle. And that's all I have to say about that.

Boyz3Mommy said...

STILL laughing.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

OH I'D BE SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF if that was in my house! Holy cow.

Theresa said...

You are sooo funny!! I would never have thot to try to measure a bug hanging on my curtains! I would have been yelling for the WonderHusband, tho, "GET IN HERE AND KILL THIS THING!!!"

The hummingbirds, however, are great! May you have a plethora of them to keep you company all summer!

Marie said...

Hi Deb,

That is a big, nasty bug. I'm glad the hummingbirds are back, tho! I'm actually writing to give kudos to your products. I've been out ALL DAY today volunteering for the Hill Country Ride For AIDS, at the top of a big hill in the sun.....ALL day. I got very crispy, to say the least. I just came home and got in the shower and slathered myself, first, in the shower gel and then afterwards with the lotion. The aloe base with the lavender was the perfect combination for my sunburn -- I feel SO much better. Kudos to quality products! Thanks, Deb!