Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tink Thinks Life Is Good....

Hi y'all. Yes, I will get to the story of Jamaica.... It's just that I'm still brewing over my loathing of American Airlines right now. I've been thinking bad thoughts for too long now and I'm really trying to think good things for a change. I've spent the last week conspiring how to get even with American Airlines. And now it's time - I have to get on with my life; I've brewed long enough.... I can't stay mad forever! But, I will, I will tell you about it.

It's just that I'm running low on valium right now and don't want to bring it up again until I have a fresh supply.

Now y'all do know I'm kidding. Right? About the valium thing....

I will say this for now - we did make it to Jamaica in time for my cute cousin's wedding. And she wasn't cute at all.... She was stunningly gorgeous! We had a wonderful time and the weather, the scenery, the food, the company, everything was great. Just way too short since Jamaica was only a layover for us. I will tell more later.. I will.

In the meantime, I have to tell you the story of Tink.

This is Tink. Tink lives by a tank. Tink has siblings that also tinker near the tank.

A toilet tank that is... In an upscale neighborhood in Austin.

Tink and his siblings have taken over the guest bathroom at Lisa's house. Y'all know Lisa. I talk about her all the time - my friend since the 3rd grade.

Lisa is a volunteer for the Wildlife Rescue and she gets to babysit all kinds of precious little babies all the time. Before Tink and his siblings arrived, she had a whole family of baby possums. Okay, okay... I'm sure I spelled it wrong: opossum. But who in the world ever calls them O-possums??? Why is that O there anyway?

Now see if you can figure out what this picture is:

Can you tell?

Do you give up?

It's Tink crawling up his mom's leg. He's just realized that Lisa's in the room. He's saying: "Where's my bottle? Where's my bottle?"

Got milk?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

ahem--Tink is a little girl........short for Tinkerbelle :0)

Lavender Chick said...

Sorry Tink! I can't believe I called you a he instead of a she. My apologies. Like I said, I'm low on valium.

LivingTheLife said...

Tink and the Tinkerette's...too cute!! I bet they can get in a mess of trouble if left on their own for too long....what a darling picture of the babies crawling up mama's leg...for their bottle.

I'm with you on the whole Opossum spelling...who DOES use the "o"....??? We've always justed called them possums. I mean if it's good enough for ole George's certainly got to be good enough for the opossums...right???

Can't wait to hear your travel tid-bits....I can help you plot revenge on you know who...if needed...their on my list about right now, too...along with the oil companys...the one with all the XX's in their name to mention just one! Hmmm after reading back over this I may come to regret stating that whole revenge thing...after all Sandie at "holding patterns" says their may be some type of conspiracy therory floating about out there...and shoot we all know big brother may be watching...of course I'm harmless...I don't have any valium...xanaxx maybe...but not nearly enough! Maybe we need to get!

Thanks for sharing the Tinksters! And bless you for keeping our friends daughter and family in your prayers...I don't have an immediate we are praying no news is good news...I feel she has a long road ahead of her...but I believe she will heal...hopefully, very she can get back to loving on her sweet baby girl...she is such a sweet and tender new mom...and that little girls is crazy about her...and with dad being gone...well, it makes it hard for everyone. I understand he may have arrived back today from training in the Middle East...that will be the best medicine for her!


Theresa said...

LOVE the racoon babies!!! How cute is it that they are climbing Lisa's leg to get food!

I'm really starting to twitch waiting for the airline story. Please, PLEASE, come up with enough of whatever it takes to get the story posted for us. PLEASE???

justabeachkat said...

Oh, they're so adorable. But, I don't think I'd want them in my house though. Cute photos.

Okay, quit stalling and tell us the story about your trip.


Marie said...

I am petrified of Tink and his relatives. My dog Gemma will hunt ANYTHING and I have all sorts of Lisa's sort of wildlife in my yard/neighborhood. I am so scared that some night I will let Gemma out to go potty and she will run face to face with one of Tink's relatives......and Tink's relative will shred her up. I am so scared of this that I stopped composting because Tink's relatives were invading my pile every night. Also, I recently heard that opossums carry tuberculosis! Is that true? Lisa? Gemma caught an oppossum last year and swung it around and thus strewed her babies all over the yard. I spent the next morning picking them up and putting them in a safe spot so that Momma Opossum could come fetch them.......and she did. I hope I don't have TB now.....I flew this weekend (not on AA, I might add!)

Bridget said...

I think I may have just overdosed on sugar that was so sweet! What is going to become of the little ones? Will they be taken to a reserve or sanctuary of some sort?