Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Girls just wanna float

I'm a very lucky girl for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is because of my girlfriends. I'm blessed that I have many good friends, but what really warms my heart is that my closest girlfriends are the same ones I've had for over 30 years. Thirty years, can you believe it? What is also really great is that although we all grew up 6 hours away from where we currently live, we have somehow all settled within an hour of each other. It's amazing to me when I think about how little girls from a small west Texas town never lost contact with each, grew up and moved away, only to live near each other again! Wow!

So you know what's better than a girlfriend that you've known for 30+ years that knows all your silly quirks and crazy family stories and that can finish all your sentences and laugh at things with you that no one else would ever think are funny? Well, that would be a girlfriend with all those things I just mentioned PLUS a lake house!

My friend whom some of you know and refer to as Painted Groove Girl, has a lake house on beautiful Lake Placid in Seguin. And when you live in Texas in the summer during a drought, it sure is nice to go visit your friend on the lake!

This is her beautiful home. I should have taken pictures inside the house, but I just didn't have time because there was just too much gabbing going on to stop and take pictures. We both have the disease you know.

We had the most wonderful weekend, and I got to do my most favorite thing in the world next to taking a hot lavender bubble bath. We got to float. That is float on a floatie raft thing in the lake all afternoon. Heaven.

For about 2 seconds I thought about being all athletic and doing water sports stuff like this guy that whizzed by us and made me spill my drink, but then I remembered again who I am. Next to being like my Aunt Barb and stressing out with a donut in both hands, I am also my friends' friend, and we just like to float.

Now don't think for one second that I'm going to share a picture with you of me all splattered out in my bathing suit floating in the lake. That's about as likely to happen as me sharing one of my donuts with you! But, I will share this picture with you, and I really can't believe I'm doing it, but it simply represents how laid back and relaxing my weekend was with my girlies.

Painted Groove's groovy husband took us on a morning coffee cruise. It was delightful! Notice we still have bedheads and our pj's on! Life is good. It was the perfect weekend of no agendas, no plans, no makeup, and lots of laughing!

Paige just couldn't stand it. Originally she wasn't going to be able to join us for the weekend because she had all these plans and things she needed to get done. We knew it was killing her to not be with us. By 9:00 Sunday morning she was on the phone saying "I'm on my way!"

I spotted this house during our morning coffee cruise for sale. I love this house because it's yellow, my favorite color. As we cruised by it, Painted Groove Girl said, "That's a Debi house." She was right. It reminded us both of my yellow Thunderbird I had in high school. We have many good memories about that car; it unfortunately had a very untimely and tragic death. Of course it wasn't my fault you know...

There's rarely ever anything on sale at this lake, so it was unusual to see the yellow Debi house for sale. There's also very few lots without a home, but check this out! Right next to Painted Groove's house is this one looking for a buyer! Oh, how tempting.... It's not going to last long. This is prime real estate in an area with limited space for any new lakeside homes.

I just can't tell you what a great weekend it was, and what perfect timing, too. It took my mind off the sadness of my little Buckaroo and non-blooming lavender fields. There's seldom anything a little girlfriend time won't cure!


Quiltdivajulie said...

Oh, how very blessed you are ~ indeed.

I grew up on a lake ~ thanks for sharing the photos... memories from a long time ago.

Boyz3Mommy said...

How FUN!! You girls are so pretty. I'm glad you had a great time!! Lots of laughs with the two of you, I'm SURE of it!

lp said...

I just love it when ya'll look exactly like you did in junior high!!!!! Except, of course, for the fact that the two beautiful little girls are actually someone's daughters---that's a little different :0)

justabeachkat said...

What a fun time! Just getting away and spending time with a great girlfriend is a blessing. Great photos.


Hill Country House Girl said...

Looks like great fun - I didn't even know about that lake - it is beautiful! Looks like a really good, comfortable time - those times are the best, aren't they!