Thursday, June 5, 2008

Herb knows flying, Jamaica knows luv.

Okay y'all. I promised I would let you know about my trip to Jamaica to Cute Cousin's wedding. Fortunately, we did make it to Jamaica in time for the wedding.... But barely. Now I refuse to get myself all worked up again by talking about mean American Airlines and how they delight in ruining people's vacations... And how they think they're doing you such a favor by letting you fly on their plane. And pay $5 for a bag of cheez its.

But - I will tell you this. We had to catch a connecting flight at DFW out of Austin. Our Austin flight was delayed, so when we landed at DFW we had to rush straight to our departing flight to Miami. Now I may not be Herb Kelleher or anything, but I know a bit about flying, being that I spent many, many years in and out of airports.... And I'm quite certain that when an inbound flight is running late, all connecting flights are alerted. Most airlines, within reason, will wait for those slightly delayed flights - just ask Herb. The airlines are, after all, in the business of moving passengers about the country... Okay, we get to the gate at DFW and we're completely out of breath - we have, for the most part, just run the length of 5 football fields. According to my watch (which is ALWAYS 3-4 minutes fast) it is 1:56. The plane was scheduled to depart at 1:55. They would NOT let us on the plane! There we stood with our $1400 boarding passes in our hands and in desperate need of a drink of water, and they would not let us on the plane! Why? Because they had already given up our seats to standby passengers although they KNEW we were in the airport and running as quickly as we could to the gate. Not only did we have 4 friends on that flight going with us to Jamaica, all of which let it be known that we were on our way, but the ticket agent even said, "I begged them to wait, we knew you were coming, I'm so sorry."

Okay I have to stop talking about it because my hiney is getting all tuckered.

It was a holiday weekend so we couldn't fly out of Dallas until the next day. We missed an entire day in Jamaica! There's even more I could say, but I just have to think good things right now. When I'm stressed I get zits, and I feel a big one popping up right now...

So -

good thoughts.....

good thoughts.....

Okay let's talk about Cute Cousin!

This is Cute Cousin. She asked all family and close friends to join her in Jamaica.

Cute Cousin said, "HE'S THE ONE!"

Cute Cousin is single in this picture, but not for long!

Cute Cousin says, "I DO!"

Cute Cousin says, "Now you can call me Mrs. Cute Cousin!"


LivingTheLife said...

I hate THAT happened to you....I wish we would have been home...You could have stayed with us till your new flight departed! Alas, we were in steaming HOT New Orleans then onto Gulfport Miss. for a wedding, too!

I get so frustrated with the airlines...I mean REALLY, waiting five minutes so paying customers can catch their intended flight...when all along it was one of their own (the airlines I mean) that caused the delay to begin with!!

A similar scenario happened to the sweet newlyweds that had their wedding in Miss. It seems they were delayed by OVER an hour because the know the ONE...had to change out the captains that just seems wrong...maybe it was broke...but anyhoo...I don't think I would have told the flying public that captain "high maintenance hiney" had to have a new chair. OK...I'll give him a break...maybe the chair was it was needed...even though I think that could have brought in another plane to catch in the time it took them to change out the seat.

All in all...the honeymooners barely made it to their destination...and didn't know they would until they were in flight...only to find out 15 minutes before landing that they would make their connecting flight...BUT their luggage would not! Ok...I'm feeling zits arising...and I'm just re-telling their storty.

Glad you made it to Cute Cousins looks like it was a lot of fun!


Bridget said...

So should I look for you on one of the episodes of Airline? Look there's LC spiking her $5 bag of cheezits of the stewardess's head!