Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's All About The Hair

I want y'all to take a wild guess at what is in this tall kitchen garbage bag.

Keep guessing.....

Keep guessing......

Do you know what that is?

It's hair. We've just been all about hair at Hummingbird Farms. I spent a luxurious hour brushing out the hooligans (a.k.a., Poncho & Lefty), our two Great Perinese babies. Well, I still call them babies, but they're actually 4 years old now. Time flies. They are hooligans, yes indeed, but we love them anyway. It was actually my Mother-in-law that coined them "the hooligans." When they were about 4 months old Jack and I went on a vacation and she flew here all the way from Florida to take care of them for us. Great Perinese are herding dogs, and yes, they must have something to herd. If they don't have a herd to herd, they will create a herd. They decided that Jack's mom was their herd, all 99 pounds of her. Yes y'all, my 99 pound Mother-in-Law somehow gave birth to my husband who is 6'3" and, well - I won't say his weight, because that would be rude, but I will tell you when he played college football he weighed 235. I figure it's okay if I tell you that, being that they talk about what everyone weighs on a football team. Jack's father was 6'5" and everyone called him "Little Jack." Jack's grandfather was "Big Jack," and yes, he was bigger than Little Jack. Okay, somehow I've gotten off track about the Jack's. Let's get back to the hooligans.

When Jack and I got back from our vacation we asked his mother how everything went while we were gone. She said, "Everything was fine with the cats, but those hooligans!" It seems they herded her from one end of the house to the next for six straight days. She couldn't even get up to walk 3 feet to the bathroom without them right next to her, herding her to the pot. She was a little exhausted when we got home. Anyway, we've called them "the hooligans" ever since.

Okay - so, I brushed them for at least an hour, it may have been closer to 2 hours, and filled up that darn garbage bag full of hair. I feel kind of wasteful, like I need to do something useful with all that hair like knit a sweater or something. And it's not like I won't have this same amount of hair when I brush them out next week. I don't know where it all comes from!

One thing I know for sure is that the hooligans and I are having some major hair dilemmas...

Many of you may be thinking that I have way too many dogs if I can fill up a tall kitchen garbage bag with hair. I won't even tell y'all how quickly I can fill up my Oreck vacuum cleaner bags with hair. I love Mr. Oreck; he has made our house so much more hair free. I also think I have made him much richer with all the vacuum cleaner bags I buy from him...

I'll take the dog hair any day; I really can't imagine a home without a big fat cat and a sweet loving dog, or two or ten. So, I figure it's not that I don't need another dog, I just need one that doesn't shed. I will always make room for another dog. Or cat. Or bird. Or elephant. I would love an elephant, but I just haven't been able to find one to purchase anywhere, and the pound hasn't come across any homeless elephants lately. But, one of these days...

So back to brushing out the hooligans. After working on them for almost 2 hours, they decided they had been still long enough and took off running.

Yes, they managed to find the only water hole in the hill country. So much for all that brushing out I did...

Here they are being all pitful and begging at the door to come in after playing in the water/mud hole. You can get an idea of their size by seeing the table behind them. They are almost as tall as the table, only about and inch shorter. They think, however, that they're little baby poodle dogs and they want to crawl up in your lap. This brings me to my next subject: poodle dogs.

They don't shed.


I'm bringing home one of these babies in about 10 days! We can't wait!

The hard part is figuring out which one.... They're all so cute! The owner is holding one for us; I sure hope the others are spoken for when we go pick up ours, otherwise I might be coming home with more than one!

Lord, help me!


LivingTheLife said...

We just had that same conversation about our Maggie, today. Hubbin brushed her for about 30 minutes or so...and most likely could still be brushing her and removing hair. I don't know what it could be b/c it's just too darn hot. Now, I know Labs the majority of dogs do...but I tell you I could knit quite a few sweaters with all that hair...if I knew how to knit...and if I knew how to knit and saved a bunch of that hair...and your dog's hair...I could knit a sweater for that elephant you want!

Those puppies are TOO cute...are they standard poodles, toy...??? Any way shape or form...I would have the same dilemma as you...just picking one...Good luck....and I can't wait to hear what great name you come up can't beat "Poncho" and "Lefty"...or should I say "Hooligans Poncho and Lefty"...that's a cute story!

Blessings...I'll be back in a few...I'll catch up then.


Penny said...

I have two poodles. Actually I should say two poodles have me! In fact I have a pic of one of them when she was younger up on the header of my blog right now. Had to change the whole blog color just to match her hair. LOL current photo is right under it along with yet another pic of her babies when they were barely out of the tummy. I never had children so I lived the childbirth experience through her. Won't ever do that again because it's too painful letting them go to new homes. It was a whole lot of fun while I had them though! :-)

I hope you don't mind but I put your blog in my blog list so I can see when you have a new post. I love your posts because you girl are living MY life! One of these days I'm going to have a house with some cool cows. I've been there before and I miss it. :-)

Have you thought of what you're going to name your new poodle?

Hope you had a fun weekend! Hi to Bob!

Catch ya later,

Theresa said...

My dog sheds, but not quite that much!!! You may want to investigate the market for selling the hair--may find a whole new cash flow! lol

Have fun picking only one puppy. I don't think I could do it.

Painted Groove Girl said...

Can't wait to meet the new puppy. I hope you have him this weekend... What strikes me is he/she is on the opposite end of the color spectrum from Buck!

Stacey said...

Hey Debi, thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit! So sorry, I've not been a very consistent blogger lately, though. Too busy.

Your dogs are too cute! I have a friend that spins yarn, once she added a little poodle hair to her wool - eew! It was very pretty. I guess it's better than possum yarn (yes, someone out there spins possum yarn - double EEW!) I don't even want to know how they get the fur-- eew!

And the lavender.... I picked up several flats that we had ordered to sell at Darlene's farm this year ---- since we didn't have the farm open, it left quite a few plant orphans. I couldn't stand letting them die in their pots. I had to at least let them honorably die in the ground! I filled in with a few from a local nursery. I put about 180 plants in the ground as an experiment - - Hidcote, Munstead, Vera, Goodwin Creek, Buena Vista, Grosso, & Provence. I put in a watering system to help them hobble through the summer (yes, bad timing to plant in July!). I can't believe that they've already grown quite a bit. We'll see!

Anonymous said...

Your dogs are very cute and the new poodle(s) looks so sweet too. That sounds like a lot of work brushing the dogs and so much hair! I worked with a lady who knit the fur from her dog.