Sunday, August 10, 2008

Two Is Better Than One

Did any of y'all really think we could pick out just one?

I mean, come on - everything is better in pairs. After all, we have two eyes, two arms, two legs, two kidneys.... It's always best to have two because, well - then you always have a spare.

And when it comes to puppies, two are easier than one because they keep each other very entertained. It's nice when they have each other to chew on instead of you.

Please meet Standard Poodles, Birdie & Big, they have already made Hummingbird Farms an even better place to live!


Quiltdivajulie said...

Omigosh ~ they are WONDERFUL!! My sister has been raising two schnauzer puppies (they're about 9 months now) - brother and sister - and she said the same thing about 2 being easier than 1 ... best wishes to Big and Birdie and all the others at Hummingbird Farms!!

Theresa said...

I've always wanted a chocolate standard poodle!!!

They are soooo cute!

Painted Groove Girl said...

Just precious.

Camille said...

Welcome to the family, Big and Birdie! You couldn't have asked for better parents! I'm so happy for ya'll!

twinkle said...

Precious! We just adopted two different dogs from our county shelter. My husband...he is a dog-lover. Animals come to him like they came to Noah and the Ark. And it is better with two. More costly...but better. Congratulations on your new babies.

LivingTheLife said...

Oh...Birdie and Big are just precious!! Gotta love little are Poncho and Lefty adjusting to being big brothers? I can't imagine anything better than a pup...unless it is two pups...I love how cute they are!


P.S. By the way...great picture of you with your new look fab! And you said you were having hair way!

justabeachkat said...

Oh.My.Word! How adorable they are! Cute photo of the three of you.


Penny said...

How cool is that to have two of them! I have 2 toy poodles and I look forward to the day I get a standard. I honestly don't know what I'm waiting on to tell you the truth. LOL

If you don't already have it, I'd like to recommend the book, "The Complete Poodle". Speaking from experience the most important things you can do is play with their little feet while you're messing around with them so that they don't mind having them shaved, along with teaching them to lay their head down on the side so that you can pull the ear hair out. I'm sure you've been told that the hair on a poodle grows non stop absolutely everywhere, and it's real important to pull it out of their ears so it doesn't get all messy in there. :-) It doesn't hurt them at all to pull the hair that grows in the ear out, but you have to get them used to your fingers messing around with their ears. It sorta freaked my out the first few times I pulled it out, but we all got used to it and it's a snap to do.

I can't wait to see more pics as Big and Birdie grow. :-) You all look marvelous together!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I was excited to see that you'd come by! Mom is doing better and I expect her to go home by Tuesday. Yay!