Friday, December 26, 2008

YEEHAW!!!! Santa Did Good!

This is my precious newphew. I don't think there's anything else I can say except - Is he not the cutest little thing???? My cup runneth over....


Hugs! Meg (Punchy) said...

Your cup indeed runneth over...he is absolutely darling.

Hope you are enjoying this great Christmas weather sweetie!

One of my goals for the upcoming year is to get some of us together and meet here in our area...wouldn't that be fun?


Bridget said...

Yes he is indeed! I love the hat, boots and pony!
Hope Santa was just as good to you!
Hugs, Bridget

Paige said...

I love your new blog design! Thanks for stopping by. I love hearing from you!

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Yes, he is adorable!!
I really like your new blog site also.

Connie said...

He is adoreable! My husband used to dress up in cowboy hats, boots, chaps and vest when he was little. This picture reminds me of some of his photos. Connie

Design Block said...

Deb. We missed you this Christmas. I am only able to take Henry's boots off after he goes to sleep.

Jillian and I are wondering about your page design. Is it a cow-print paintbrush? We like the old one better we think. It was more indicative of you and lavender.


LivingTheLife said...

You are so right...he couldn't be ANY cuter if he tried...and YES your cup and mine both runneth over...we are truly blessed.

Loved the pictures of Bob...the ranch accountant...maybe he's really just looking for a job...if you give him one...maybe he'll quit snotting on your windows...nah...if you find out how to remove that...let me know...I have some toxic dog slobber left from my kids dogs on our back windows...not dog doesn't DO that type of thing! She's a LADY!! LOL!

Wishing you a very blessed new year...hope to find my way down to your neck of the woods sometime before the end of 09!! I miss that part of the world!!