Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cheaper by the dozen...

Okay - just so that we can all be friends again, I have posted a picture of the cute little juice glasses that I picked up at Tuesday Morning. They are Noritake full lead crystal, and a complete steal at $5.99 each (original price $12 each). The cutest thing about these little juice glasses is that they're only about 3 inches tall. It's hard to tell from the picture just how petite they are. They're precious. They remind me of the old soda fountain glasses - except that these are crystal! Woohoo!

Okay - I posted a picture.... Can we now just all get along???

Oh yeah - I also think these precious little petite juice glasses will be cute for desserts. In fact, the lady at Tuesday Morning who told me about the 'always buy in 12' rule, was also full of other tidbits of information. I should consult with her more often... She told me a dessert that she thought would be perfect for these little glasses. Now I've not tried this dessert yet ya'll; in fact, it sounds a little weird to me - BUT, I truly believe the Tuesday Morning cashier to be very wise... She did, after all, save me from breaking the law of 12... So here is her recipe. I will call it the 'Tuesday Treat':

1. Green Grapes
2. Sour Cream
3. Brown sugar

This is exactly what the Tuesday Morning lady said: "Blend brown sugar into sour cream until it is a very light brown, more like beige. (These are her words, ya'll). Then mix the grapes into this mixture and place into your cute little glasses. Chill and serve. It's light and refreshing, and so, so good! Just trust me, it's good."

Sounds a little weird, huh? Has anyone ever had a dessert like this before? I'll let you know when I give it a try. Oh - she also said it has to be green grapes - not any other color. Again, she's a smart woman so I'm taking her word for it!

Next up, I want to introduce you to Abe. Abe is a boxer.

All right, so we have four dogs.... What does one more matter? Yep, we now have 5 dogs.

Because we really needed another dog.

Abe actually found us. I think news has traveled far and wide that the folks out at Hummingbird Farms are huge suckers and will take in anybody. Even humans. (yes, the cowboy is still living with us!)

Abe has taken to life at Hummingbird Farms quite nicely. As you can see from the picture and my super suede sofa, he has nestled right in and you would never know that he hasn't been a part of the family forever. We're actually quite smitten by Abe and are honored to have him in our home.

What's one more dog? Right?

Thank goodness dogs don't come in twelves. Do they???


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I don't know about sour cream. Cream cheese, maybe. You try it first and let us know.
I hope Abe doesn't decide to eat your suede sofa. I've know a few sofa eating dogs in my days.

The French Bear said...

I've had that with strawberries and kiwi fruit, it was delicious! It was more of a dip though, but hey, we could be backwards here in Canada, haha!!! I think it was a great buy, I love those little glases, too cute they are!
Margaret B

Hill Country House Girl said...

I love Abe. I am so glad he found you!

Paige said...

I do think Abe is the cutest of all.


Susan S. said...

I think I've had that a "dessert" and it was good. The grapes need to be pretty sweet or it's TOO wangy! (is that a word?...it is to me...LOL!)

Anyway, too funny about Tuesday Morning. I think it is better to engage someone with funny banter is a situation like that....it lightens the mood!

Mrs. B. Silly said...

Hi Deb, I'm not too sure about that dessert but it sure would look pretty in your glasses.
Abe is adorable. I love his face and he certainly has made himself at home right quick!

Painted Groove Girl said...

I don't know, if we give you time, you'll have twelve dogs. Add the five to the cats, and you may have twelve...??

Green grapes. I can't buy them anymore. The last time I did, Caroline said: "Yuck. They taste like cactus."

And I wondered, just how does she know what cactus tastes like?

Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

Aw, look at Abe! He's precious! How old is he? Hey, you should have posed him with the cowboy on the couch too! Heeheehee!

Yep, those juice glasses are cute, but that "dessert"? Ewwwwwwwwww

Justine :o )

Libby Murphy said...

I make that grape salad with equal parts sour cream and cream cheese and add toasted pecans. If I'm having diabetic guests, I simply use Splenda for the brown sugar and it's delicious.
Nice to meet you and Senator (white lab) sends a big hello to your handsome boxer, Abe.
Happy Twirls

IowaCowgirl said...

From PW's site is a similar recipe with blueberries, brown sugar, cream and yogurt. IT IS WONDERFUL TOO! It's filed under fruit desserts.

love your site.....

Lyndsie said...

I just came across your blog-I am known for this yummy grape salad at my work-I'm not allowed to bring anything else to parties :) It is WONDERFUL-very sweet-doesn't sound good but it is-enjoy!

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Welcome to your new home Abe! (We have 5 dogs too - and what's one more...)

Love your little crystal glasses! Wouldn't they also be too cute to put a flower in & have them spread out on the dining table???

I think I've heard of the brown sugar/sour cream thing & it's supposed to be delicious, but of course I don't remember who told me...

Dixie said...

I came visiting from Cheryl's Cottage Farm Villa... and now.. I too am a fan...

I grew some Lavendar a couple of years ago in my garden and was so thrilled with it... but... lost my plants to the droughtlast summer... We now have a well... think I'll try again!

We live east of San Antonio about 15 miles...

I'm with you on Tuesday Morning too! I was there just this week buying... books.. and a teapot... ya gotta love Tuesday Morning!

Barbara said...

So happy to discover another Texas blogger.....I live in Jewett, I know where is Jewett?
I try to go to the Lavender
festival near Chappel Hill every year. I still out number you in dogs...6..but I love abe, what a lucky dog. Come and see me.

Lucky Irish Gal said...

Those glasses look perfect for iced tea or lemonade in high summer heat.

Abe is so sweet and adorable. You ever need to let him go send him my way. Linus and Inigo would love him!

BTW you have an award on my blog

Jill said...

Cute doggy!
So he just came up wandering on your farm??? That has happened to me so many times in my life. He sure did find a good home. Don't you just wonder what kind of life he lived before he found u??!

Painted Groove Girl said...

Abe is the sweetest big old guy ... just thinks he's a lap dog. Loved him!

cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

Oh Deb, those glasses are adorable..and yes, they do look like soda fountain glasses! Not sure about the dessert... but anything would look good in those glasses.

Abe....is so very adorable...and no, dogs do not come in twelve.....luckily for you!

Wanted to say how beautiful your red umbrellas must look in the lavender fields. If hubby and I ever come down your way, I will want to know when you do this...because I want to see your farm!

Penny said...

Hi Deb! I adore your glasses and can see why you HAD to make both them and that AWESOMELY cute dog YOURS.
We went to a "Recession Party" Saturday nite and I had to bring something so I almost made this recipe to take. The theme was basically cheap food from the 50s, 60's. There was baked spam with pineapple (no one ate it haha), veg-all casserole, my macaroni salad, other stupid stuff, and thank the good lord some hamburgers and ribs! Desert was moon pies and doughnuts. The theme was actually quite cute. But not as cute as those glasses and your new furkid! *huge grin*
I am going to try that recipe though.

Boyz3Mommy said...

Okay. I'm in love with Abe. MUST meet him soon. Missed you yesterday. :(

P.S. Lemme know if I need to make that dessert!!!

Greyeyes said...

Those petite soda fountain glasses are perfect. They wouldn't work in my house though. I could just see my 13yr old holding one of those in one hand, the tea pitcher in the other and saying, "what, i'm not drinking out of the pitcher?" Oh the humanity.
On the dessert, i've done something similar with marscapone (sp) or cream cheese and it is quite good, but i used berries. I'll have to try it the Tuesday Morning way. What a great post. Dave p.s. y'all please, you are much too famous to be spelling it that other way....LOL

Nancy and the fatties said...

Bless you for giving Abe a home Deb! My husband is a big meanie and will only let me have three dogs. Abe looks like such a love. We are heading to Fredericksburg this weekend, is there any lavender blooming yet?

LMH said...

Just stopping by-
Where are you and is everything OK?
Which of course is absolutely none of my business.


YaYa's Funhouse said...

Great buy on those glasses. A layered dessert would be pretty...like a little banana pudding. Looks like Abe had no plans to move! hA!!

Chris said...

Abe rocks!

Bonjour Madame said...

Hi! I just found your blog through French Lique Texas. I was born and raised in TX and I always loved the hill country and I love lavender so I'm happy to find you!


LivingTheLife said...

ABE is a punkin dawg! Gotta love a dog that just makes himself at home...of course I have a feeling at Lavender Farms EVERYONE is welcomed and KNOWS it! You are such a "winner" in my book for taking him in...and you're right whats ONE more.

That story about a dozen rings nostalgic to me...my mom wanted 12 kids...she had 5...I think my dad talked her into just taking in some strays here and there...our house was always filled w/friends and family!

Love the glasses, too...they will be darling w/just about anything in them...but desserts do sound scrumptious...and nothing better than a simple dessert in a great container.