Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday Morning & My Spanx

On my last post I answered questions from one of those memes, one of which was asking what you can’t live without. I answered that I can’t live without my Spanx and my animals. It’s true, I can’t imagine life without those things – but, gosh… There are so many things I couldn’t live without. Maybe I need to have an entire link to my blog on things I can’t live without…

Anyway, I was in Tuesday Morning the day after my post when I mentioned not being able to live without my Spanx. I am a Tuesday Morning junkie and it’s another one of those things I can’t live without. As I was in the checkout line buying the most adorable crystal footed juice glasses, I struck up a conversation with the young lady behind me. I felt like I had to because I was being one of those people in the checkout line that drives those behind you absolutely nuts.

Something happens to me when I’m at Tuesday Morning. The prices are so good that I feel like I need one of everything because, who knows – you just might need it one day. And what if you needed it one day and didn’t have it and found yourself being forced to buy it somewhere else and paying FULL RETAIL? The horror!

I’ve told ya’ll before that I’m also a QVC and HSN nut, which I wrote about here. I’m realizing now that my addiction to Tuesday Morning is for the same reason… I get this “gotta buy now” buzz in my head because it’s on sale and available RIGHT NOW. It might not be available again if you wait…

Anyway, I’m in line purchasing my cute little 8 juice glasses and holding up the line because I need each one individually wrapped since I have an hour drive home. Then my heart started beating rapidly – just like when the HSN host announces, “We only have 600 left and they’re going fast…” So – I told the cashier just as she was wrapping the last glass, “TIMES! I gotta have more… Will you wait for me? I’m going to pick up two more just in case I happen to break one someday.” I turned around to the young lady waiting in line behind me and tell her I’m sorry and that it won’t take two seconds for me to go get a couple more. She was very nice and said no problem. So I rushed to the crystal aisle and picked up two more glasses.

I get back to the register huffing and puffing and hand her two more glasses. As the cashier is wrapping them up she says, “You know, I was always raised to buy everything in twelve’s; that’s just the way you’re supposed to do it.”

Oh Lord help me… Nobody ever told me this rule. I’m the queen of rules and I didn’t know this one. I mean, heck – I don’t wear linen before Easter or velvet after Valentine’s Day, or double-dip my chips, or tee-tee on the toilet seat… I don’t break rules.

So as my palpitations kicked back in I had to tell the nice lady behind me one more time – “Do you mind? I really have to go get two more glasses now. I had no idea I was supposed to buy 12.” She waved me on and off I went to abide by the rule that I never knew about. And of course I’m so glad to know this rule now and will be certain to never break it again…

When I got back to the checkout line with my last two of 12 glasses, I felt it my obligation to use my gift of gab with the young lady standing behind me because I knew I was irritating the heck out of her.

Nothing like being in the checkout line behind a blonde that can’t make up her mind. It just rubs people the wrong way….

So I start chatting with her and telling her how much I love Tuesday Morning and what great deals they have and if she shops here much. You know - the kill ‘em with kindness rule.

The young lady tells me that she’s recently married and never knew much about Tuesday Morning until recently. She said the she and her husband were still in an apartment, but hopes to shop at Tuesday Morning a lot more when they buy their house and have more room. So I tell her that it’s the best place to stock up on items for your house and that it can become an all out addiction. Then I said (because my post was still in my mind from the day before), that “I just couldn’t live without Tuesday Morning or my Spanx."

And then on my drive home I started thinking about all the other things I can’t live without…. And that’s a whole lot to think about.

For whatever reason I simply felt compelled to share with you today that I needed to add Tuesday Morning to my list of things I can’t live without…

I just couldn’t live without telling you that I can’t live without Tuesday Morning.

And yes, If I were a better blogger I would have taken pictures of my cute little juice glasses to share with you, but that would have meant getting out the camera, taking the picture, and uploading, all of which takes time… Until it becomes a blogger rule that I have to have a picture with every post, I’m going to refrain for now.

Ya’ll have a great week!


justabeachkat said...

Okay, I think it should be a rule because the whole time I'm reading your post, I'm thinking "where is the pic of the cute little juice glasses" and "if they're as cute as she says, maybe I need to make a trip to Tuesday Morning". Okay, don't break this rule again. LOL


(ps...I love Tuesday Morning too. I've never worn Spanx, but since my B-hind has gotten bigger, I guess I should!)

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Oh yeah! DITTO KAT's comment! I was thinking the same thing! Where's the picture???

Deb, you're too funny! I forgot to tell you my spanx story. The last time I wore them was for my son's wedding. I didn't lose enough weight... and was trying to look slimmer... so I wore Spanx pantyhose AND a Spanx girdle thingie. In addition to be squeezed like a sausage, I wore a dress with beading all over the top. It never occurred to me that the beading may chafe. After being trapped in this tortuous garb for 10 hours, I couldn't breathe because of the double Spanx and my underarms looked like hamburger! I didn't think the reception would ever be over so I could get out of my clothes. When we got back to our hotel room, I raced for the bathroom to start peeling off the layers. My ribs were sore for days over those Spanx.

Oh, thank you & the lady behind you for the rule about buying by the dozen. I didn't know that one either! I'm sure my hubby will be delighted when he hears about this rule! ☺ Diane

Penny said...

I thought I was the only blonde always going back for more! hahaha This is a fun post. Yesterday Macy's had their 1 day slae and I already had $30. Macy dollars in my wallet from another promotion. Hey, Macy's is only 2 miles from my house what can I say? I see this set of 6 china I have to have because this blogworld is making my dish collection grow faster than rabbits. Then I get home, I should have bought two boxes to have a serving for 12!!!! Now I don't even remember having 12 people over for dinner in one time but I had to go back and get them. Finding a place to put all of them was quite the challenge. They ended up finding a home under the guest bathroom vanity cabinet. Next I've got to shop cabinets for the garage!

Hill Country House Girl said...

Hmmmmmm........well, I thought I wanted to meet you one day since we are neighbors, but now I am not so sure. For one thing, I can't breathe, literally, CANNOT breathe, in Spanx, so I gave mine to my daughters!!

Also, I LOVE Tuesday Morning and was just there, too, on Tuesday!! (Did you go to Marble Falls? I was in Austin!) I had to buy more padded hangers because there might not be anymore the next time!! I think we would be too, too dangerous if we got to be friends!! Between wine and shopping and laughing it might just be too much. Great post!!

Mrs. B. Silly said...

ROFL, I can just imagine you at Tuesday Morning. You're lucky it was in Texas cuz anywhere else, that little girl behind you in line would have given you the evil eye!

Paige said...

I laughed out loud at this. Of course you supposed to buy in sets of 12. You knew that but forgot!

Anyway, when will we see pictures of Abe? Can't wait!

Paige L.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

That story reminded me of going shopping with my youngest.
While we are checking out, the sale clerk says to her "I just love those skirts we got in. I can't believe they are doing a buy-one-get-one-free on those. My daughter had one, she hadn't seen the sign.
She says "Hold down the fort, Dad, I'll be right back". She had already swiped her card, and I couldn't sign. A few minutes later she returned with the "free" skirt.
Did I mention that this was the day after Thanksgiving?

Painted Groove Girl said...

Just tonight, I was trying on and buying the cutest dress at White House Black Market, and Mary, every the loving and way-too-honest darling that she is, told me: "yeah, it's cute, but you need some spanx or something..."

Well no shit Mary. I'm 43 and have been raising children (including twins & accompanying twin-sized stomach damage) for many years now, with little gym time, not to mention worrying myself to death with a career. If you could get yourself up in the morning and eat a bowl of cereal unsupervised, remembering to make your bed and brush your teeth, I might look a little better....

Of course I didn't say that, because I'm a loving mother... Anyway, my dress is darling and so are my sassy new shoes... and I'll look just fine when I am fully armored in my Spanx.

Stacey said...

Too funny! I haven't dared into a TM in many years! As of late, I am a Marshalls & TJ Maxx girl - they know me by name in San Antonio. Yes, I am from a buy-things-in-12s family. It's like insurance for future breakage. My mother is a horrible influence on my shopping habits in that way. My dad too, he buys "boy stuff," like trees, in 12s. It's so bad with us -- until very recently, I had no idea you could buy plants in six packs, I thought they were always sold by the flat. Hmm, I'm sure you know about Last Call Neiman Marcus, too - that is heaven!

Alli said...

I learned about the "12" rule when picking out my dishes for the wedding. Now I have 12 of everything imaginable, and no table for 12!

Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

Let it be known, from this point forward, that it IS a rule to include pictures of items you blog about. Got that??????

But 12 juice glasses? Isn't it just you and hubby in that house?????? ROFLMAO!!!!

Justine :o )

Martha said...

So no picture of the cute juice glasses? I was taught you should buy things in 6's -- either 6 or 12! But I think I would have gotten 12 too.

I love the lavender farms of the Texas Hill Country. I have an aunt that lived in Blanco and we loved visiting there during the lavender festival.

LMH said...

After reading the title,I started laughing before I even started reading your post.
We are ALL alike. It is an amazing and wonderful feeling to have happened upon a world (blogging), where there are people just like me.
I look forward to visiting,

Lavender Chick said...

Okay, Okay! I hear everyone loud and clear. I WILL get a picture up of the new crystal juice glasses. AND - I will try and make it a "rule" to always post a picture!


cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

Oh, you didn't know that it IS a RULE that you must have "at least one photo with each post"????? How did you miss that AND "you must buy everything in twelves" rule!!! You been living under a rock in the lavender fields or something??!!!lol

Guess what your next post will be, by the time we are done with you ??? :) Especially, since you had me out of breath by the time you ran back and forth with this story!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

HA! Didn't you know that it IS a rule that you have to post a picture with every blog! I thought everyone knew that;) Cute post.

Joy said...

What a cute story.. I love the smell of lavendar. I use the bath and body "sleep" body wash with lavendar and smells so good. I tried to click on the photo of the lavendar gift set but I keep getting an application error.

Lavender Dreamer said...

What a cute story! Makes me want to put on some Spanx and go to Tuesday morning to shop! heehee! And I LOVE talking in line at the check out! I remember embarrassing my kids years ago! They would say...Did you know that lady? lol