Friday, January 8, 2010

I’m sitting here watching this show about Elvis. It is actual live clips of him in preparation for his live opening act in Las Vegas in 1970. I am so enamored by this man. I’m laughing right now because they’re showing a bunch of male back up singers and they each have a bit of Elvis flair. Funny how they are all trying to mimic his look; sideburns, sunglasses, the whole enchilada.

I love his sweet little shaking leg, that big, wide smile. Heck, I even love those jumpsuits and pinky rings! Oh - and that gimpy lip!

My great grandfather had a gimpy lip and my dad said he could spit watermelon seeds out of that gimpy part and keep on chewing. Love that!

So back to Elvis… He would be 75 if he were still alive today. I have no doubt I would still think he’s sexy. Skinny, fat, I don’t care. He was cool.

Now let’s talk about Priscilla. Bless her heart.

So yeah, Elvis was her senior, a little robbing the cradle action going on, but still, even though a young little whippersnapper compared to Elvis, she’s still almost 65 years old today.

Imagine how beautiful she would be if she would simply let herself be her age?

What’s up with that manufactured hair color? And all that Botox and that teenager hairdo? Scary! She’s Priscilla Presley for goodness sake! How can she be so insecure to the point that she thinks she needs all those injections, dyes, and plastic? She was beautiful before that first nip and long before that last tuck….

Lord please help me embrace my twilight years and not defy it. I’m getting to where I see so much beauty in older women that are just that – older and beautiful without all the yaya. Please let me keep it that way!

And Lord, please don't let this post be the cause of me never getting to meet Priscilla, becoming her BFF and getting all the great inside scoop on Elvis. I'm just sayin'.....


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

"Hey Baby" (said with your best Elvis voice)

We were big Elvis fans as kids. Anytime an Elvis movie was on TV, we watched it.

A couple years ago, I was asked to be Elvis for the church kid's Christmas play. All I had to do was dress up like him, and walk across the front of the church on cue. Since I had recently had knee surgery, I also had a bit of a swagger. Everyone loved it. I'll have to post one of the pictures on my blog someday.

Painted Groove Girl said...

Poor pitiful Priscilla looks like an alien freak. When I get my creepy brow furrows fixed ala Botox, please do not let me get addicted and keep on going until my face can't move ... which would mean I couldn't laugh at you and your funniness anymore.

Did you know that when people called Elvis the King, that he would correct them and say that there was only one King?

I learned that yesterday on KLOVE and thought it was a cool party factoid.

vlb5757 said...

I completely agree with you about about aging gracefully. Just because you have the money for botox and plastic surgery, doesn't mean you should use it. I think she looks less that wonderful at this point. I loved Elvis and still listen to his music. Some things just age better with time; not Priscilla sadly... Would Elvis have aged gracefully in this day of plastic surgery and botox? Who knows. Maybe it's better to remember him fabulous, dark, brooding and sexy.

Sheila said...

I prefer to think of him as we was in all of those hokey movies...which I happen to love! We got to see him in Kansas City in 1972! See my blog post...

LivingTheLife said...

HEY...girl, I have been MIA for far too long...but I'm doing my level best to not only get caught up on everyone elses blogs...but to do some updating of my own on my blog. Check it out and you can see just how close we are to becoming grand-parents.

I am with you on Elvis...he made me swoon long before I even knew what "swoon" meant. I loved him as a child, teenager and continue to love him and all his music today...rock & roll, blues and gospel...he really was a gifted man.

As far as Priscilla...geez, it looks like someone hit her in the mouth? For goodness sakes...does she not know how scary she looks? I don't mean to sound disrespectful or rude...but there isn't enough plastic surgery, botox or restalene? to make an aging face look like it did 30+ years ago, unless of course you don't mind looking like a melting piece of candle wax. It's sad, too...b/c she truly is a lovely person, she has incredible eyes... wouldn't it be nice to see someone in the public eye who is still considered a true beauty, one that has had many years of trials and difficulties and has gracefully risen above it...wisdom not only in their eyes...but that they would allow that wisdom to show on their faces as well. Don't get me wrong...I do everything "topically" possibly to keep from getting too many "wisdom" lines AND yes there are days when I look at my aging face and "wonder"...hmmm...just how would I look if I just got this lifted...all the while tugging on some area of distress on my face. Of course I then consider the PAIN, the medications and the down time and realize...I'm just going to have to take care of what I have b/c there is no-way I want to do anything that may cause pain!! Vain...maybe...but I do not like pain nor do I like the thought of being "put under" for the sake of looking like something out of a Wes Craven movie!! I will join you in that prayer and ask God to not only help me to age gracefully...but also to never ever let society dictate how they think I should look...

Whew...I guess I'm still a bit windy...some things never change...but I haven't been on in so long...I may have to re-think how long I make all my comments...I'll never finish!!

Wishing you and your family a very blessed New Year...I look forward to doing some more catching up and hope to do a better job of bloggin in 2010!!


Justine said...

OMG, what has she done to her face????? I don't mind a little nip and tuck here and there, but to redo your entire face until you look like wax? Blech! Ptooey!!!!!!

I remember watching Elvis perform on TV when I was just a little girl. He was so damn handsome.

Justine :o )

Deb said...

great Elvis are right about Priscella...she would have looked better without the work

Greyeyes said...

Oh WOW, what a great little post! First, i've never been much of an Elvis fan, i'm more Dean Martin, so i can't really comment on him. Now, Priscilla?? Oh yeah, i've got an opinion that's for certain. I agree with you, totally. Unless they are remaking The Munster's and she's vying for Lilly, then i don't get it. I too am a fan of the natural beauty inherent in people. Especially when they allow it to mature and be what it is. Oh, and one other thing, you'll always look great, but as you age you might start collecting crazy gardening hats.... D