Monday, January 2, 2012

Out of Texas

Not only did the drought dry up our lavender fields, it also dried up my thoughts for things to blog about.  Darn that drought. 
I'm thinking Texas might need some estrogen cream or something.... Because, you know - she's all dried up.

So while Texas spent the summer up in smoke  (literally - we had history-making wildfires that were just horrendous), I spent my blogiday (a break from blogging) thinking about how much better we would be if we were "up in smoke" the Cheech & Chong way versus the Texas way…   Do you know what I mean? 
But alas, I’m back and more determined than ever to forge ahead with my body care business sans the lavender harvesting part.   

You know, one of my all time favorite movies is Out of Africa. 

Many times this summer I would gaze across our parched land and channel Karen von Blixen and think to myself (in a Danish accent of course) “I vonce had a fahm in Texas….”   

Aloe Farm Rio Grande Valley of Texas
So I figure if Karen Von Blixen could forge ahead after her coffee plantation went up in smoke, I could forge ahead with my body care business after my lavender fields went up in smoke.  Why should I let a stinkin’ drought get in my way?

Texas is just going through menopause, it too shall pass...

In the meantime, I have spent too many grueling hours researching cosmetic ingredients such as ethyldihrdroxypropyl p-aminobenzoate…. So maybe I barely passed Chemistry in college almost 30 years ago, but since then I sure have immersed myself in my own self-education of biochemistry.  Who knew chemistry and body lotion had a connection? Or - maybe I would have known if I had ever gone to class and paid attention the three times I did go... 

I’m glad to be back and am working on some really fun stuff. We live amongst all kinds of farms with all kinds of great crops that yield things that I can throw in my blender that end up becoming wonderful elixirs for your skin.  In South Texas alone we have aloe and grapefruit.  And in all areas of Texas we have grape seed extract, and here in my own neighborhood we have peaches… Lots of peaches! Can you say peach extract, peach kernel oil, peach stones? Oh the things I can make! 

Texas Hills Vineyard, Johnson City, TX

Peach Orchard, Hill Country Texas

So – thanks for continuing to check in on what’s going on at Hummingbird Farms.  We still have lots of creative products brewing out here! I hope you will stay with me as I tell my silly stories along the way… 

Happy New Year! 

P.S. Thanks, Leslie! 


MotherT said...

It's SOOOO GOOD! to hear from you again! Sorry to hear about the lavender going up in smoke. Will you be replanting or is that the end of the lavender?

I will certainly be keeping my eyes open for future posts and new products.

Lavender Chick said...

Thanks, Theresa! Great to hear from you, too, and thanks for not giving up on me.

We will be planting again, but not this season. Based on the Farmers' Almanac, we are in for another droughty summer, so until this drought is over (or until Texas is done going through menopause), we are going to hold off planting.

Happy New Year to you!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I know exactly what you are talking about with Cheech & Chong's "Up In Smoke". I actually took my MOTHER to that movie when it was in theaters.

Sorry to hear your lavender went up in smoke. It wasn't rolled first, was it? You may be onto another product, if it was.

It's good to hear from you again. i was beginning to think Facebook had eaten you too.

Greyeyes said...

Oh come on Deb!!! We have to stick with you "cause the water lives in Mombassa anyway." So glad to see you are still among us. I wish you guys all the best this year and i hope we get to squeeze out two minutes for a visit as always. Be well and stay you, Dave

Camille said...

Hi, Debi!
I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see a new post from you! (but not so thrilled when I heard about what the drought did to your fields) So of course I promptly got online and placed a large order for lavender goodies! (since I was running low) :) I look forward to hearing about all the wonderful new skin care goodies you create and I can eventually purchase. Your stuff really is THE BEST! Happy New Year!

Camille (from the Blanco lavender festival many moons ago) :)

Lavender Chick said...

Thanks, everyone! Enjoyed hearing back from you. Camille - Thank you so much for the order! Of course I remember you from the lavender festival. Hope you are well and am sure will see you again someday...

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