Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A little bit of magic

What an exciting day! From what we can tell at this point the new Julia 1933 Hand Cream is a great success! We are getting outstanding customer feedback and our retailers are going through inventory faster than any of our other new product launches.  This is so exciting for us!

Our lavender line of products, what we call our Signature Series, is certainly not going away.  It is this farmhouse lavender line that started everything for us.  Where we once were just a farm, we are now a full-fledged bath and body business.  I am still shaking my head at all of this.  There certainly was never any kind of fancy business plan mapping out this venture.  We never had board meetings or conference calls or investors to please or any of the other things you first think of when starting a business.  It just evolved. 

And it’s still evolving….

From the moment we first moved to Hummingbird Farms we said it was magic.  Everything from cockatiels flying out of nowhere to baby deer on our front porch looking for their mama…. It all seemed so magical.  And in a way each product we develop just seems like magic to me when it is finally nicely packaged in a bottle and ready for distribution. 

It was time to expand our product line outside of lavender, so we are just thrilled that Julia 1933 seems to be doing very well in the market.  We will have a Julia 1933 Body Butter and Hand Soap available very soon.  The products themselves are developed, it is just a matter of finalizing the packaging.

The back of the Julia 1933 Hand Cream reads this: 

"It wasn’t until her twilight years that Julia discovered solace in the Texas Hill Country.  Mid-summer evenings found her sitting outside under the big Live Oak, sipping local wine and watching the hummingbirds flutter in the fragrant hill country air.  We hope you enjoy Julia’s summer slice of heaven."

We hope you enjoy Julia as much as we have.  Both figuratively and literally….. 

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