Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wrapped Around the Axle ...

Jack and I just got back from walking the lavender fields. Do we ever have a lot of work to do! I just can’t begin to tell y’all how overwhelming it can get. Yes, we’re still trying to manage our lavender business all by ourselves. Call us crazy, maybe gluttons for punishment, both are about right.

Our problem is that we’re both control freaks who want to have our hands on everything that goes on around here. I completely understand why opposites are supposed to attract: so that the one in the relationship that is wound up pretty tight (i.e., control freak), will be brought back to the middle by their beloved, polar opposite, anything goes, spouse. Well unfortunately, the Williams household is wound up pretty tight. We’re the yin and yang of control. Sure we fantasize all the time about hiring someone to help with this, contracting out for that, delegating this. But we just don’t do it. Oh we’ve tried it, but we always find ourselves right back in the middle of it all.

To give you an idea, let me just share with y’all what I’m talking about. This is what last week looked like:

1. Mowing, lots and lots of mowing and shredding. We have a 110-acre farm and try and keep about 30 acres of it mowed. This doesn’t count the 50-acre hayfield that needs tending to right now.

2. Our home is completely under construction and it has been for 2 ½ years! Yes that’s right, I’ve not had one day in 2 ½ years where I didn’t have to dust off my seat before sitting. So on a daily basis we’re dealing with all the pains and strains that go along with construction. And when I say construction y’all, I’m not talking about some minor remodeling or repairs. I’m talking walls ripped out, plumbing exposed, and wires hanging all over the place, kind of construction. Oh, and did I mention we're doing this ourselves? Are you seeing a theme here?

3. Jack continued with the cultivating of six acres of lavender fields. This never ends.

4. Lavender product orders were processed, boxed up, and shipped out. My Miracle Man ties the prettiest bows!

5. Hours of phone calls with our chemist and biologist on new products we’re currently developing.

6. Because of our new fab products that we’re working on, this led to phone calls and personal visits with our graphic artist for labels that need designing, and our web site that needs updating. I had to really fret over this for a while.

7. Just because we didn’t have enough to do, we thought, “hey, why not just put in a pool and spa while we’re at it?" So this led to: following up with the pool company on funding, calling the electrician and moving the electrical so the pool guy can get started; getting the propane guy out here to put in a new tank, and finalizing the design of the pool and picking out the tile. Something else for me to fret about.

8. Took Pooh, our kitty, to the vet and learned that he has an infection and needs antibiotics twice a day. No problem.

9. Rounded up the longhorns and treated them for flies and other little miserable parasites that like to honeymoon in their hides. Oh, let me clarify – I didn’t do it, I just supervised and cheered Miracle Man on while he did the work. I have a huge vested interest in this little chore. Fly infestations on my longhorns (we call them ‘the girls’), means fly infestation in my house.

10. Jack ripped out the carpet in the basement of the guesthouse, which happened to get flooded last week. I worked on getting the disgusting rotten carpet, moldy smell out of the guesthouse, which we call “church”. I spent a lot of time in church last week!

11. Installed new phones to replace the ones zapped by lightening.

12. Jack picked up lumber in Austin for the trim carpenter working on our new master bedroom and bath, and I picked out hardware for new cabinetry. Have you ever had to pick out door pulls and hardware? This may have very well been the hardest thing I did all week y’all!

13. Jack fixed the gate and got the vegetable garden started for summer. Again, in full Williams fashion, when I say ‘garden’ I don’t mean a flower bed with a few tomato plants. I’m talking raised bedded sections for each vegetable type: a section each for tomatoes, for corn, for peppers, for herbs, for okra, squash, shall I continue? My Pappy would be so proud (this is another story).

14. Last, but not least, I went to work everyday. Yes, I do have a real job! It’s my career and I really am passionate about what I do. This again, is a whole other story, but I am very dedicated to ‘my other family’. What does my real job workweek look like for me? Well let me just say this: a light week, the type of workweek I long for, the one that doesn’t occur often enough, is 50 hours with no overnight travel …

Yes, we’re nuts, y’all.