Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dressed for Success

Two nights ago was one of the biggest storms we've had since moving to our little paradise here at Hummingbird Farms. It was quite a ferocious storm to say the least y'all. No, don't worry - the lavender is fine. These little hardy herbs were standing tall and singing to the sun when we walked out to the field early the next morning.

Unfortunately, I can't say Jack's organic corn is quite as hardy as the lavender. This could actually be a good thing. The morning after the storm I had to put on a cute little black dress (I'll get to this story in a minute), and found that my cute little dress had shrunk. For some reason the dry cleaner's must have done something to make it smaller around my hips.

Okay, I'll give it up and admit you're probably right. Perhaps it is the consequence of being Jack's corn-fed wife.

Now you have to see what the storm did to some of the trees around here. This was in our front yard:

This is a decapitated pecan tree:

Check this out, a huge old oak tree that really got up on the wrong side of the bed:

Fortunately however, our little Purple Martins were all okay and their little condos were still perfectly positioned. What was interesting though is that only one Purple Martin was sitting outside the next morning. Most mornings you see several of them out on their front porches talking about what ever it is that Purple Martins talk to each other about.
I can't say I didn't blame them for sleeping in - we were all just exhausted.

None of us had gotten a wink of sleep the night before. The storm was THAT bad. Needless to say, all our animals stayed in and slept almost the entire next day. They were all a bag of nerves from all the lightening and thunder that kept us all up.

This is Festus. He didn't move all day. In fact, last I checked, he was in the same spot.

This is Pancho, our 120 pounder in the tub, sound asleep. I know, I know - go ahead and ask: "Why are you letting him sleep in the tub? That's disgusting." He actually discovered this spot himself. Because I thought he was the most clever and brilliant dog for figuring this out, I just let him stay there as long as he wants. First of all, it keeps him cool - and of course safe during storms like the one we just had. Secondly, it keeps him out of the way. Otherwise it's like having a small horse walking around your house. And thirdly, it's easy to clean. Just rinse and go. It's simple.

Even the cows were exhausted the next day. Marsha, Gayle, and Kathy had all the stress they could handle for one night. They, too, stayed in this same spot almost all day. Unfortuantely for Jack and I, we didn't get the pleasure of sleeping in or napping the next day.
Remember a while back I told you we had a fancy shmancy photographer out here? Well, he was back, but this time to take pictures of yours truly. He said he wanted to take pictures of us in our normal environment. He wanted us to "dress and be who and what we usually are" so he could capture that on film. I did exactly as he asked. You know, whenever there's a camera around, I'm going to get all dolled up. That's who and what I am. Otherwise, if I'm not dressed appropriately, I just don't go near the camera. After all, what I am is a girl that gets up and dressed every morning for my real job. Yes, I do suits and high heels every morning, I have for 20 years. So, I did exactly as he asked. I got up and dressed to be who and what I usually am.
When I asked the photographer what time I needed to be ready, I just about fell in the floor. Keep in mind I'm on vacation this week preparing for the festival. Yes, I know I took off to get work done around here, but just to feel somewhat like I'm on vacation, it's nice to at least sleep until 7:00.
He said he wanted to get pictures of us in the field just after SUNRISE. You're kidding me, right? If I just have to lounge about and drink coffee just after sunrise on my vacation day, I can handle that. But, having to get up and be who and what I am by sunrise is a bit tough. After a night of literally no sleep, I would have to be all gussied up by 7:00 a.m.
I wasn't too late. Only 20 minutes, but that was Jack's fault - he made me go change. I came downstairs all ready for my photo op wearing a snug little black dress and these:

Jack just shook his head and said, "NO WAY. You can't wear those shoes. First of all, you're going to ruin them in the mud. Do you realize how much rain we got last night? And second of all, you won't even be able to stand up. Those heels will sink in the mud and I'm not digging you out." With that, he handed me these:

Help me here. How are these going to go with my snug little black dress? So there I was, all gussied up, wearing these purple crocs in a too tight little black dress on a farm in my lavender field being who and what I am. The whole time I was asking Dan, the photographer, after every shot, "you didn't get my crocs in that did you?" After a while, he would just say without me asking, "no, I didn't get the crocs in that".
Keep checking in with me and in a few days I'll post one of the pictures. We'll just see how great Dan, the fancy shmancy photograper is at cropping the crocs.


deidreann said...

Love the lavender crocs
Perfect fashion choice for the farm
See you sunday

Lavender Chick said...

So glad that Deidre, the fashion plate of Texas, approves of the crocs!

Anonymous said...

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Anne Lorys said...

You're hilarious! And no high heels if I shoot you, either. I think you'd look smashing and absolutely appropriate in some Magnolia Pearl, frolicking through the fields. :-)