Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Play Misty For Me...

After getting a comment from Pat, I thought I would give y’all a face update. By the way, go check out Pat’s blog. I just got through browsing through it and am going to spend some more time later checking it out… I’m so intrigued!

So regarding my face – yes, I did schedule another sandblasting session. I mean microdermabrasion. I’m just a bit anxious... I think it’s going to be similar to what I felt like when I was a child anticipating a tickling session. I can remember when I was about 4 and my sister and I would have tickle contests. It would be my turn to be tickled and I would start laughing uncontrollably before she ever started tickling me. Sometimes anticipation is just more than I can handle!

Who knows? I might be able to prop myself right up there on that table, or I might need to be knocked out cold and blindfolded. Hopefully the aesthetician charges by the session and not the hour…

Now regarding my face and if I can tell any difference after being licked by a fat cat for 5 minutes – well, it’s still way too soon to tell. Like I said, I need at least 364 more sessions. Making Tennessee look like look Rhode Island takes some time … But, I will say that if feels much softer and maybe even a little more glowy!

This leads to the purpose of this post, and I really hope y’all help me out here by leaving a comment. I recently started using mineral make up. I love it! I tried it once before (a different brand), but realize now that I didn’t use the right brushes. Good brushes make all the difference in the world! Another important component to mineral make up that I didn’t know about last time is a hydrating mist spray.

Have you ever used a hydrating mist spray for your face? The purpose of this spray is to set your mineral makeup, but it’s also supposed to hydrate your skin. So this is what I want to know: Have you ever used a face mist for other reasons, not just to set your mineral makeup?

My wheels are turning here. I like the concept of using a face mist, especially if it is one that contains some refreshing anti-oxidants that really will hydrate your skin. And heck, what’s wrong with a little pick me up to the senses with adding a nice aroma, as in lavender, which will perk you right up and calm your little stressed out self all at the same time?

Now maybe you know where I’m going… I’m totally fixated on this hydrating face spray and am thinking, hey – I can make this product so much better!

So what do you think? If you were traveling is this something you could see yourself using? Imagine a quick little spray to the face to open up your senses and hydrate that air-deprived flesh from that stale, nasty airplane air? Or perhaps a little mist at the end of the day as you gear yourself up for that gridiron traffic? I mean, come on – why clog your pores even more with all those traffic fumes coming in from your a/c vents?

I can’t quit thinking about this! So I’m curious, have you ever used a hydrating face spray? Would you ever consider using a hydrating face spray?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm just thinking about spring...

Three more months and the lavender should start blooming! Meanwhile, I hope they're enjoying their nap...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

2008 is the year of the face ...

Okay y’all, I decided a while back that 2008 was going to be my year to get my face on the right track. After years of facial neglect from being raised in the desert and bad face genes, I decided to take the bull by the horns and change what nature and heredity has caused: dull, blotchy skin with pores the size of Tennessee.

Anyway, I told Jack that I was going to use my little nest egg that I’ve been saving and invest it completely in my face in 2008. He said if I was going to be investing in my body, then I should use my nest egg to get my back in order, something else I keep neglecting. I have had lower back pain for 15 years. Yes, I’ve been to the doctor and not a thing is wrong with me. All I need to do is have a better work out regime and throw away all my high heel shoes. Since this is about as likely to happen as my pore size being reduced, I think I’m going to take a chance on my face – I mean, come on – get rid of my shoes?

So, I told Jack that 2008-IS-THE-YEAR-OF-THE-FACE; 2009-IS-THE-YEAR-OF-THE-SPINE…

And of course I said it in a cheerleader chant mode with hand motions and everything. Yes, I’m a nut and my husband loves me for it. He just shook his head and got right back to reading the newspaper.

Today I had microdermabrasion. I just have to know – have you ever had microdermabrasion? It felt like a cat was licking my face! I guess the aesthetician will get to know my warped sense of humor, being that I need to visit her about 364 more times to get my pores fixed – provided that she still wants to see me after today …

Anyway, I’m lying on my back as she turns on the sandblasting machine. It rumbles and roars as she begins stroking my face with the wand. She does about 3 strokes and that’s about all I could take without moving some part of my body. So I begin wiggling my toes. This lasts for a couple of more strokes and then I have to start shaking my feet. I just COULD NOT lie still! I mean, come on - a big fat cat was licking my face! And you know how it feels when you’re being tickled – you curl your toes, and kick around your legs and arms uncontrollably. That’s just what I had to do. I started squealing and laughing so hard that I had to holler, TIMES! Then I had to sit up and crack up. I laughed, and laughed… Not a still body laugh, but a buckled over, out of control gut laugh! She had to just stand there holding the cat tongue gadget and wait for me to get myself together!

I’m laughing out loud right now as I type this because it was so darn funny – and embarrassing. All I know for sure is that I have never been so tickled in my life, literally. At this point, as much as I need to have my face sandblasted, I don’t know if I will be able to go through it again…

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yes, I'm still here!

Hi everyone out there in blogland! I am so sorry for my absence... I've been travelling for the last 2 weeks and it has been just crazy, crazy, crazy. But, a good crazy I must say. The only negative is that I am VERY homesick. Only another 24 hours and I'll be greeted at the front door with 3 very excited dogs that will come running at full speed up to me and knock me over flat on my back, and then proceed to give me a saliva bath. I will love every second of it! Oh Yes I will... Meanwhile, the kitties will all be glaring at me from afar giving me the cold shoulder.

Why is it that dogs have no sense of time and are always so excited to see you, even if it's only been 10 minutes, but cats will cop an attitude and let you know how disappointed they are in you for abandoning them? They can make you feel so guilty!

Anyway, the weekend has been great as I've been able to meet up with some of our customers AND meet a number of new customers. We have several new specialty stores that will be carrying our products... We're so excited! We are thrilled to partner with these incredible shops - and honored! I'll let you know more about them later...

For now, I'm going to go soak for 2 hours in a nice hot bath. Oh no! Now I've just made myself homesick for my tub... I want to go home!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

But, it doesn’t define who I am …..

This is my 100th post…. I can’t believe it! Just a few months ago I had never even heard of a blog. It’s been very interesting, this blog stuff. I was reading some of my old posts and it’s funny how I can now tell if I must have been having a good day or a wigged out day.

I have wigged out days every now and then. It’s normal I suppose. Like today for example. You know something is just off when you watch an old re-run of Urban Cowboy and cry your eyes out through the whole thing. It started with Buddy leaving those cotton fields for Houston… And then got worse with the steel guitar at Gilley’s...

While reading through some of my old posts, I realized that in the grand scheme of things there’s still a big part about my life that I’ve never spoken about. Not that this part of my life really defines who I am or anything, but in hindsight I do think it may have something to do with the occasional downs I have. Now that I’ve had a chance to read 99 stories about my life on the World Wide Web I’m realizing, hey - I must have been down that day. Okay – I’m sounding all namsy-pamsy right now y’all. Seriously, I’m really a happy person and I’m grateful to say that I almost always bat a thousand when it comes to great, lovin’ life days

But then there are those occasional days…

So today, for my 100th post, I’m going to tell y’all something that I’m probably going to question later why on earth I decided to talk about this on this particular day …

Here’s my story, what I also call my bump in the road.

I had breast cancer. But let me clarify something first: please don’t think I’m being flippant when I refer to my cancer as a bump in the road. I know how very serious cancer is, but I had the peace of mind going into my treatment knowing how fortunate I was for a good prognosis. I realize there are far too many women that don’t always have this good fortune, whose cancer is more aggressive or more advanced when diagnosed.

Fortunately, in my case the stars were all aligned in my favor allowing me to view it as what it was for me - a big ole’ bump in the road. It was something that slowed me down for a bit and caused me to think and live for a while in the present, which is something I continue to strive to do. Before cancer, I always lived in the future, constantly anticipating what it will be like when... can’t wait ‘til... just imagine when…Basically being a dreamer.

I’ve learned (and am still learning) that living in the moment is a very good place.

Regarding bumps in the road, let me take you down my journey on the cancer highway: I was 38 years old when I received the phone call from my doctor telling me I had an infiltrated carcinoma in my left breast. I was still stuck on the part about carcinoma in the left breast, when she went on to say something about concerning calcifications in my right breast that needed to be watched very closely. Then she went on to say how serious this was, being under 40 and all, and blah, blah, blah blah …As I was on the phone listening to her, my heart started racing, all the blood drained from my head, and I instantly fell into full-fledged battle mode. I honestly didn’t come up for air for another 6 months. In fact, it’s almost difficult for me to remember all the details about those 6 months.

It was all just a fog.

Except for the day when I saw a ghost in my bathroom and that WAS NOT A FOG AT ALL, but that’s another story for another day.

You know, as a cancer survivor, it’s interesting to me when I hear people say that having cancer was the best thing that ever happened to them. I’m sorry, but I just disagree. It’s not a great thing that happened to me. I keep waiting for the epiphany to occur or the profound event to happen in which I will say, having cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me. I heard Lance Armstrong say this very thing the other day. He actually said that cancer was the best thing that ever happened to him. Better than the birth of your children? Better than winning that big race(s)? Better than your own personal Sheryl Crow concert?

I just don’t get it. Having cancer is lousy, it’s scary, it’s lonely, and in my case, it made me fat! Go figure.

I still have 10 stubborn pounds from the hormonal treatment that just won’t budge. Now don’t get me wrong; I am MORE than grateful that I’m healthy and cancer free. If the only price I had to pay was 10 lingering pounds, well so be it; I gladly give you 10 robust pounds. Warranty included. I will even throw in an extra 5 for good faith.

Don’t get me wrong, I have NO REGRETS for having breast cancer; I certainly don’t feel sorry for myself or anything like that. In fact, I do believe I have gained more wisdom as a result. I’m just being realistic here - It’s not the best thing that ever happened to me.

There’s a lot of stuff that really sucks about having this disease.

I lost both of my breasts and my fertility. When the diagnosis came I had only been married 4 years to my Miracle Man and we were still very much on our honeymoon. He was rock solid through the entire ordeal. This is a whole other story, but Jack is a cancer survivor, too. He survived advanced non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He’s 10 years older than me, and what’s really odd is that we were both diagnosed with cancer at age 38 during the month of October. A little strange, huh? I’ll never forget the sweetest thing he said after my diagnosis: “I think the reason God had me go through cancer ten years ago is so that I would be able to understand what you will go through and know how to take better care of you.”

My cup runneth over …

I truly believe that attitude is one of the greatest weapons in the fight against cancer. You have to DECLARE WAR on it; you can’t let it invade you. Because I’m a planner and a visionary (my preferred word for being a daydreamer), I planned my strategy around each battle, my exit strategy, and ultimately my victory. So see, being a dreamer is not all bad.

A victory it was, and today at 42 I’m completely cancer free!

Now I can’t close out my first, last, and only story about having breast cancer without talking about the unbelievable support system I have. My parents live 6 hours away, and I swear my mother was walking in the front door as I was hanging up the phone when I called her with the news. My Dad, from whom I inherited my workaholic gene, actually took several days off work to come hang out with me. If you knew my Dad you would understand what a landmark event this was. It had been years since the two of us got to just be together and hang out without feeling rushed.

My Aunt Gayle was with me every step of the way and even made the long drive to Dallas to be by my side during the mastectomy. Bless her heart; she was the one on duty with me when I had a horrible reaction to some medication. She held my hair back for 10 straight hours while I threw my guts up. She kept a cold washcloth on my head and held my barf bucket; she even put chapstick on my dry, cracked lips in between my barf sessions. To make us both feel better she even yelled at a few nurses for not doing what she felt was enough about my misery. Of course she knew they were doing all they could, it just felt good to vent and they knew that...

God bless good nurses.

And good aunts.

Joan, who’s been with me through thick and thin, was there when I went into surgery and when I came out, along with Bev and Mish. Mish flew in all the way from Philadelphia! I was so touched. My little cousin Alli was there, and so was my sister who stayed with me the first night in the hospital.

Jack and I were the only ones in the room when the bandages came off. I cried, and Miracle Man just held me saying, “it’s okay, it’s okay”…

I hope everyone at some time in their life gets to experience the feeling I had of such strong love and support. Of course I hope and pray it’s not for the same reason, but if it is, it actually makes the whole ordeal worthwhile…

You know what? I might have just had my epiphany!

So much has happened in 4 years. I have two new boobs that look pretty darn good (thank you, Dr. Lester), beautiful fields of lavender, we’ve added two more dogs and 3 more cats to our family, and a cockatiel that literally just flew right onto Jack’s finger from out of nowhere, and who I believe found us for a reason…

Life is good. The cancer stuff is something that just happened; it does not define who I am.

There’s a whole lot more about this chick than the girl who had breast cancer.

It was just a chapter.

Chapter closed.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I’m off to see The Wizard…

Yes, I will be out of pocket the next couple of weeks because, as I stated, I’m off to see The Wizard. This is code talk for I have two back to back important meetings in far off lands which will keep me very busy and unable to hang out on the computer every night and into the wee hours of the morning… Well, unless of course I get insomnia which I often do at these meetings and can’t find anything good on HBO, or can’t find anything good to buy on QVC or HSN. Which by the way, I will admit being guilty of while having insomnia.

If you can’t sleep, you might as well shop.

I don’t think I’ve ever “home shopped” during normal hours, it’s always been sometime around 2:00 a.m. There should be a law outlawing shopping networks and infomercials between midnight and 6:00 a.m. Don’t they know the only people buying into their snake oil are those that are delirious due to lack of sleep?

You just can’t think logically at 3:30 a.m., at which time you begin realizing that you just can’t live without those gold hoop earrings… Or zit zapper... Or casserole dish with wrought iron holder… Or special hangers that guarantee no pointy shoulders… Or lip plumper… Or chenille robe…

Yes, I’m busted y’all – those are just a few things I’ve purchased while an insomniac. It’s not my fault. The Wizard made me do it. And cable TV.

Anyhow – I’ll check in when I can, and who knows – maybe I’ll persuade myself to write a blog at 2:30 a.m. rather than shop…

In the meantime, I’m going to leave you with this picture of one of our lavender fields I took last spring. I am so ready for spring… I’m not a cold-weather, winter person. I need flowers and sunshine!

This is the very beginning of the bloom season, as spikes and buds are just beginning to pop up. In case you’re wondering what that copper thing is sticking up in the back of the field, that’s our ‘still’ which is used to distill the lavender flowers for essential oil.

I’m already homesick…

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Public Service Announcement

If you haven't seen the movie Juno yet, do yourself a favor and go see it. Jack and I went tonight - it was either go to a movie or languish over the Iowa Caucus...

WE LOVED THIS MOVIE! (Can't say the same about the Iowa Caucus) The main character, Juno, is so adorable...

I think the movie was supposed to be more funny than sad, but for some reason I couldn't stop crying. Jack kept whispering in my ear, "are you going to be okay?" I still can't figure out - was this teary emotion I was having a happy sad or sad sad? I still don't know. This movie just shook me to my core for some reason.

I'll ponder on that for a bit, and in the meantime I'm going to go pop another estrogen pill.