Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Moment Recordifed

Okay - I read my post from the other day and realize that I sounded so pathetic! So what if I was feeling a little overwhelmed? Who doesn't? Even the leader of our country can become overwhelmified at times...

It's no biggie, really. I took control of the situation and snorted some lavender and took a long luxurious bath and now I feel great! I figured snorting the lavender would be safer than smoking the lavender ... I was right.

In the meantime, our good friend Eric snapped this picture of our front gate when he was out here the other day and I thought I would share it with you.

There's just something soothing about the sun going down and the way God decided to position the clouds for that nano-second of a time in which Eric snapped the picture. I'm glad I have this picture. It makes me stop for a moment and reflectify on my many blessings...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm Feeling Lucky Today

Today I was being a little wimpy. I was aggravated about all the chaos that seems to never end around here. The truth is we bit off a little too much all at one time. Any normal, rational thinking person would only venture into one major life event at a time.

And then there's me.

I decided that we could handle moving from the city to the country, starting a lavender farm and business, developing a body care line, and building a house all at the same time. Throw in there managing my career as a daily commuter(2-3 hours a day), a little cancer episode, losing both of my grandmothers, and a couple of farming accidents resulting in trips to the ER and a top-notch hand surgeon, and here we are....

Okay - so it's been a bit much. But you know what? These last 3 years have really flown by and so many great things have happened. This is where we were then:

We had just started the construction and our girls were still children. Look how short their horns were. Just like then, they're still fat and lazy and VERY curious. When we were in the beginning stages of the construction, they would come check out the process at the end of every day.

Here they are today, long horns and all ....

How our girls have grown. And of course you know all about our new baby that has come into the family....

So in addition to our girls that we're so proud of, I'm also really proud of the many other things we have accomplished (even though on some days I have to remind myself of this).

And you know what the best part is? I have sweet dreams every night knowing all kinds of good luck is coming my way because of something Jack did. When we poured the slab for the new house, Jack placed a horseshoe in the foundation right in the area where our headboard would be placed in our bedroom. (In old folklore, horseshoes are considered a good luck charm in many cultures.)

You can see our initials, the date, and our brand. You will also see 12 little dots to the right of our initials. I would tell you what that means, but I can't. It's a secret.

So there you have it. I sometimes get a little overwhelmed, but all I have to do is think of how long our girls' horns have grown and how I have the best wishes coming my way because of the horseshoe that is permanently placed in the foundation of our home.

And as you know, home is where the heart is....

Friday, March 21, 2008

Petit-Lavender Chick

Just a quick check in to say hello. I wanted to share this quick story with y'all. It looks like we have another Lavender Chick in the making (I'm so proud!).

Do you remember Miss High Falutin'? She's my 5 year old niece that cracks me up. Both of my nieces crack me up actually, but the young one is a free spirit and truly uninhibited. My 8-year old niece, J-Bean, is much more on guard. Well, she has to be actually... She never knows what her little sister will say or do next. Sort of like last week when they were in the car driving slowly through a parking lot. She spotted a young boy on the sidewalk and quickly rolled down the window and yelled out at him, "Hey boy with the curly hair, you're goin' down!" And of course using her thumb to motion downward as she said, goin down! Who knows why or where she ever even heard the term, goin' down...

Anyway, my sister and nieces are in West Texas right now visiting family for Easter. Because they're in West Texas, that means they're all dried up like a bunch of fall leaves. As y'all already know, that's the whole reason I was inspired to create my own darn lotion - I was tired of that all dried up feeling.

So back to Miss High Falutin' - my sister needed to slather some lotion on her because she was getting that itchy, flaky, reptile look we all get when there. My sister grabbed some contraband - I mean, inferior no name lotion that she found lying around the house. As she started putting it on Miss High Falutin, she said, "Mommy, you know I ONLY use lavender!"

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I used to be Deb, but now I'm Lavender Chick

Hi y'all! I'm back after a little hiatus. I really didn't mean to take that much time off, it's just that time got away from me. As we head into the blooming season here at Hummingbird Farms, it gets a little hectic. And not so glamorous either.

Not much going on around here except some spring cleaning. In fact, I'm feeling guilty being on the computer right now when there is so much to do! It's also a beautiful Hill Country day out there and I really want to go enjoy it.

I did want to take a moment to say Happy Birthday to my Dad. His name is Bob. Yes, the namesake of baby Bob, the not so longhorn. However, we have NO doubt that our baby Bob will grow up and become an Original Bad Bob, which is what the boys from my high school days used to call my dad. He has indeed lived up to his title. Oh, the stories I could tell...

Anyway, my dad is a character and I don't know of anyone else like him. Not even close. He's not a mushy, kiss you all over kind of dad. He's just a matter of fact father. It's funny, I have lots of cards and notes he's written over the years, and he always signs them Love, Bob. Never Love, Dad.

It's just how it is when you're The Original Bad Bob. He was born to be Bad Bob. My grandmother used to tell me the story about his first day of school. Up to this point everyone called him Bobby. But that all changed at the ripe old age of 5 when his new teacher asked him to tell her and the rest of his class his name. He stood at his desk and said, "It used to be Bobby, but now it's Bob".

Happy birthday, Dad!