Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tink Thinks Life Is Good....

Hi y'all. Yes, I will get to the story of Jamaica.... It's just that I'm still brewing over my loathing of American Airlines right now. I've been thinking bad thoughts for too long now and I'm really trying to think good things for a change. I've spent the last week conspiring how to get even with American Airlines. And now it's time - I have to get on with my life; I've brewed long enough.... I can't stay mad forever! But, I will, I will tell you about it.

It's just that I'm running low on valium right now and don't want to bring it up again until I have a fresh supply.

Now y'all do know I'm kidding. Right? About the valium thing....

I will say this for now - we did make it to Jamaica in time for my cute cousin's wedding. And she wasn't cute at all.... She was stunningly gorgeous! We had a wonderful time and the weather, the scenery, the food, the company, everything was great. Just way too short since Jamaica was only a layover for us. I will tell more later.. I will.

In the meantime, I have to tell you the story of Tink.

This is Tink. Tink lives by a tank. Tink has siblings that also tinker near the tank.

A toilet tank that is... In an upscale neighborhood in Austin.

Tink and his siblings have taken over the guest bathroom at Lisa's house. Y'all know Lisa. I talk about her all the time - my friend since the 3rd grade.

Lisa is a volunteer for the Wildlife Rescue and she gets to babysit all kinds of precious little babies all the time. Before Tink and his siblings arrived, she had a whole family of baby possums. Okay, okay... I'm sure I spelled it wrong: opossum. But who in the world ever calls them O-possums??? Why is that O there anyway?

Now see if you can figure out what this picture is:

Can you tell?

Do you give up?

It's Tink crawling up his mom's leg. He's just realized that Lisa's in the room. He's saying: "Where's my bottle? Where's my bottle?"

Got milk?

Monday, May 26, 2008

I went to DFW Airport for vacation and had a quick layover in Jamaica...

Thank you American Airlines. Thank you. You made my vacation so memorable...

I can't wait to tell y'all about this one.....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Please Jamaica Me Young & Skinny Like My Cousin

Just a quick check-in to let y'all know I'm off to Jamaica for my cousin's wedding! Isn't she a cutie?

I had to buy a new bathing suit for the trip which was painstakingly pathetic and grueling. I told Jack that if I was in a legs contest with Hillary Clinton, she would win! To just imagine that not all those many years ago I was a skinny little bride like my cousin.....

Won't she make the cutest little bride?
I'll check back in when I get back.... And of course with lots of pictures.
In the meantime, Jack will be holding down the fort here and dealing with all the disappointed visitors when they learn we have NO BLOOMS!
Bon Voyage!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

We're all kind of churchy around here

Generally this time of year I'm busy posting pictures of our blooming lavender fields.... Being that I have some time on my hands while waiting for Mother Nature to wave her 'I'm Ready For You To Bloom' wand, I thought I would show you some pictures of some other things around here.

Let's start with 'Church'.

'Church' is our little guest cottage. It is where our friends and family stay when visiting. My mother always stays here, and this is where my grandmother would hole up for days and days... My grandmother was the ultimate church lady; sometimes she had to come to our church so she could escape her other church obligations.

I know you're asking why we call our guest cottage 'church'. Do you see the stained glass window up there? Being the photographer I'm not, you can't see it too well, but it has a little cross right in the center of it. When you stay in our guest cottage, the early morning sun shines through the stained glass and our visitors always tell us it is a heavenly experience.
So - it's called church. We never refer to it as anything else, and all our friends and family know what we're talking about when we say, "you can just stay in church."

My mother is planning to be here next week and I told her she could stay in the main house with us since the construction mess is just about over. She said, "No, I don't think so. I just want to stay in my little church."
That is Festus up there on the porch. He comes with church. It's his church, too. After all, at Hummingbird Farms we believe all animals go to heaven. If there are two different heavens, please send me to the animal one.

It's just a small little church with a little sitting area downstairs. Yes, I know - I have some country French curtain action going on with some Southwest looking pillows. Hey it's church, we don't discriminate.
The sofa makes out to a queen size bed. We use it all the time.

Now Festus is inside having a little snack. The pictures on the sofa table are from our trip to Africa in 2001. I'll have to tell you about that some day. Also, see the straw hat hanging by the door? I'll have to tell you about that in a minute.

This is the view when you walk in and look up at the loft.

This is looking down from the loft. Everyone loves the wood burning stove in the corner. It's really cozy on winter nights. My mom loves it!

These are the twin beds in the loft. It is here where you can get that heavenly experience when the sun shines in through the stained glass window every morning.

Those are some old shutters off the old farm house that are used for just that little bit of privacy you might want.

Okay, now the hat. Let me tell you about it. As I said earlier, church is also where Grandmother spent many, many nights. She loved it here. She always wore this hat when she was here. I can still see her wearing it with the bow tied under her neck. She would sit out on the porch in the morning and drink coffee and walk the lavender fields later in the day.

I have several possessions that once belonged to Grandmother, but the one thing I love the most is her hat. When we were cleaning out her little house in Alpine I found it sitting in a box that was going to The Salvation Army. I couldn't grab it out of there fast enough!

This is our guest book that sits on the coffee table. We love for our guests to sign the book. I always enjoy going back and reading all the entries and reminiscing about our visits. When you stay in church, PLEASE sign the book. I love it when you do that!

This is the last entry that my grandmother wrote on August 18th, 2004.

We sure do miss her.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Did y’all walk by a field of purple and not notice it?

Okay, this is serious stuff y’all. I think I might have a bone to pick with you. Is it possible that you may have ever - I mean ever in your life for one second walked, hopped, driven, skipped, or flown by a field of purple and not noticed it? I have to know. Have you ever done it?

Think… Think… Think….

This is the deal. Remember Shug from The Color Purple? Now don’t tell me you don’t remember Shug. That’s like not remembering Juno or Forrest.

Or Aurora or Scout.

Okay, maybe you’ll remember Shug when I remind you what she said:

"I think is pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don’t
notice it."

Those were her words y’all, not mine. But I think she might be on to something. You see, we have NO LAVENDER BLOOMS! None, zilch, zero. We don’t even have signs of blooms to come… We’re crushed.

And clueless.

This time last year it looked like this out here.

And this.

And this.

I would show you what it looks like this year, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. It’s sad y’all. Very sad. It's a moment in history I don't want recorded.

It’s been an overall low bloom year for everything in the Hill Country this year. (Except for oak and cedar pollen; that’s a bumper crop every year.) The wildflowers were disappointing and the bluebonnets were as rare as I have ever seen. You know – come to think of it, the bluebonnets are kind of purplish in color. I would suppose if you were God and looking at bluebonnets from heaven they would kind of take on a purplish hue. Maybe that’s something else we got wrong. Perhaps He intended for us to call them purplebonnets. Maybe that’s why He only let’s us see them for a short period of time…. He could still be a little po’d about that too!

So anyway, we don’t know what’s going on with our lavender fields. We talked to another lavender farmer last night and they are having the same problem. Hopefully this only means we will have a late bloom this year. Or maybe we need to grow cotton or corn or something….

Do you think there’s a market for cotton lotion or corn spa treatment? What about hay body wash?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Life's A Great Ride!

This was just too cute not to share. It's Miss High Falutin' and her best friend C. They love each other...

Teeth or no teeth.