Saturday, August 1, 2009

A BuhLOG Giveaway from Texas' Provence!

When I was a freshman in high school, Kay Z. decided she would be my friend. I was so thrilled because she was just a real cool chick. The kind of chick that also had all the guys wagging their tongues as she walked by.... I was honored to be her friend - although I'm not real sure how honored her mother was to have to put up with us. She used to say that individually we were little angels but together we were devils. She was a wise one, that Mrs. Z.

Well today I got the same great feeling of recognition by association of someone really cool - Joni at Cote de Texas. There are some people (I would be 'some people') that have a blog; then there are other people that have a BuhLOG. Cote de Texas is a BuhLOG! I have long coveted Joni's buhlog and have literally spent hours perusing her fabulous photos of beautiful homes and decor. My mother even told me this morning, "I spent 3 hours on that blog the other day.... I couldn't stop looking at all the gorgeous pictures."

So today I am just so excited to say that Joni, the coolest chick in blogland, has mentioned ME and my lotions and potions! As ya'll know, I am completely obsessed with creating my glamour green line of aromatherapy body care. I can't tell you how great it feels when someone you respect actually notices the work that has gone into developing something you are truly passionate about. I'm obsessed with my product line and creating what will appeal to everyone; it's what I think about all day and dream about all night.

So go check out Cote de Texas and her giveaway that she is hosting for the Lavender Market in Fredericksburg. I can't say anything more until I also say thanks to Darlene and Stacey at the Lavender Market. Darlene's Villa Texas Lavender Farm is one of Texas' finest, and her store, the Lavender Market is a perfect portrayal of her passion. The Lavender Market is the only place on Main Street in Fredericksburg that you will find Hummingbird Farms' Aromatherapy Body Care. Thank you Darlene and Stacey for being so good to us and for promoting our products with such love and enthusiasm! You're the best!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How wonderful! I enjoyed the post and all the photos! Your products are amazing! When we visit Texas, I want to visit that area ( I have but it's been years ago!). One of my favorite photos of myself was taken there with me in a field of bluebonnets!

Hill Country House Girl said...

Ditto to everything you said! I agree about Joni being the best blogger in the land, and I love Darlene and Stacey, too! I did not know, however, that you are a fan of Hays Town - one of my favorite architects! We will have to talk about that one. I am buying Hummingbird Farm products as soon as get back to Fred-patch - can't believe I haven't done so already. Bad neighbor - been buying too many products at HEB!

Laura said...

You go girl!
I read her post and you deserve every prop you got!

I love it when that happens,

Justine said...

What an awesome post, girl! You deserve to be mentioned! I love my #145. I've got it right here next to my pooter now! going over to say hi at Cote de Texas!

Justine :o )

cotedetexas said...

I am having so much fun with this!! I feel like a queen today - i really don't deserve this write up, but I'll take it! haha!!! seriously, I had so much fun researching all the lavender news and history of the area. I can't wait to get my copy of Jeannie's book and read it. And just all of it has been wonderful. thank you so much for this!!!! I love Ann!!! Did you know she used to be my sister in law? ask her all about it. ;)

Stacey Smith said...

Hey Debi! I was just crazy-thrilled to see Joni's finished post. It was just great! I hope you liked it too! It's so much fun evangelizing people to the Hill Country Lavender! I wish Darlene's field had looked like that this year!