Sunday, August 30, 2009

Live! From the Moaning Room!

The other day when I posted my first pictures of my morning room, I made a typo in the title in which it read ‘Moning’ room. I left out the ‘r’. Anyway, I didn’t realize it until Kat at Just a BeachKat brought it to my attention. She laughed because she first read ‘moning’ as in ‘moaning’ room; we both agreed that having a ‘moaning room’ might not be a bad idea….

In fact, if you were to ask Jack, he would probably say that my morning room is indeed my moaning room. The truth is I have never been a good morning person. I’m grumpy when I first get up and have to wake up slowly. The good thing is that my morning room allows me a place to sit and sip on coffee as I grump about my day. So yeah – I’m honest, I like to grump. And moan. I think we all deserve to moan every now and then…..

Yes, I love my life, I’m grateful for what I have, I’m healthy, my marriage is strong, yadda, yadda, yadda…. BUT – I still enjoy moaning. It’s just life. AND I generally only moan in the morning so that's okay. AND I’m generally over it by my second cup of coffee, so that's okay, too. The key word there is “generally.”

For your reading pleasure, I thought I would list a few things I moaned about this week while sitting in my Morning Moaning Room:

1. I moaned about a conversation I had earlier in the week that really bugged me. It was a conversation with a doctor who happened to take a certain medication in which he developed a side effect – hot flashes. This said drug is known to cause this side effect. When he had his first hot flash he literally freaked out and thought he needed to get himself to the emergency room because he was certain he was having a possible cardiac event. I’m serious y’all. This guy (doctor) is telling me this and going into great detail how his hot flash started from the inside, way down in his gut and he could feel it rise up into his chest and into his head. He’s giving me a complete description of a hot flash and how scared he was because you know – I’m a woman and couldn’t possibly understand the horrors of a hot flash…. (It just so happens that not too long ago I was having a couple of those suckers an hour for several months! Now I’m down to only 2 or 3 good hot flashes a day…) Anyway, he soon figured out that the new medication had caused this famous (or infamous) hot flash that no one else in the free-world has ever had to endure. He hesitantly stayed on the medication thinking that perhaps this side effect was isolated and would subside (because I’m sure he has told every patient he has put on this medication the same thing). He then had a second hot flash and immediately took himself off the medication because it was just "too frightening, not to mention inconvenient.” It took every bit of my energy and tongue-biting not to kick him in the knee. And then the other knee. I won’t go into the same diatribe I made Jack endure about women, not so long ago, being sent off to institutions by doctors and labeled with “hysteria" due to menopause, but just so you know…. I could have moaned about this for hours!

2. It’s hot. It’s just too darn hot and I think we’re going on something like 63 triple digit days so far this year. So I had to moan about how triple digits and hot flashes don’t go together. I’m ready for fall! I also had to moan about commuting into town almost every day of the week and how tired I am of schlepping around in this heat! I generally dread the end of summer, but this year I want it OVER!

3. Okay – I can’t end my moaning on a negative note. AND the truth is my morning moaning today ended quite quickly when I flipped on the TV to QVC. Within 45 seconds of tuning in, I was on the phone placing my first order. I’ve gone back to wearing my 1980’s Knots Landing hair. Why? I don’t know. Because the 80’s look is supposedly back in vogue (far be it from me to not be in vogue) and because when I wear Knots Landing hair that means I don’t do anything to it. I just let it dry naturally and plaster a bunch of product in it. QVC has once again saved the day for me by having the newest miracle hair product on the market. So not only did I place an order, but I got on the auto shipment plan because they are so confident that I will love my new miracle hair product, they want to save me money by automatically shipping it to me every 60 days. Bless their hearts.

DISCLAIMER: I am not man bashing nor am I doctor bashing; I'm simply moaning Live! From the Moaning Room.....


Justabeachkat said...

Love this post...too funny! At least your moaning only lasts until your second cup of coffee. Me...lately mine doesn't seem to go away until around 5PM. Right when the happy hour begins. LOL Yep, my one glass of red wine (or martini) seems to make things more "bearable". LOL Seriously, things are calming down a bit and I'm moaning less although I don't think George has noticed yet. (smile)

Tell me more about this hair product you love. I don't watch QVC.


Kelly B said...

Oooh! I want a moaning room!! I really need one. I am not going through menopause yet... but I used to get hot flashes during pregnancy. Phew!! I am not going to be a happy menopausal woman...!! I remember the knots landing hair, but I could never do it in the south here. My hair would do more of an afro. Wouldn't do well for me... I purposely avoid QVC because they cal always convince me I need something and my husband does not agree with them or me... but that is ok. I still have the garage sales and thrift stores around here!!

Greyeyes said...

You really crack me up. Now i want to kick the doctor in the knee as well. Why doesn't he do like everyone else and stick his head in the freezer?? Maybe i'm the only one that does that.

Hill Country House Girl said...

I will not even write what I thought about a doctor who has the nerve to describe in detail to a WOMAN what a hot flash feels like!! People like that, who are so self absorbed to not even consider your perspective, drive me crazy. I am afraid to ask if he was local and what kind of doctor he is - scary. Meanwhile, you just get yourself that good cup of coffee and sit right down and moan!! I am with you on the HOT weather!!

Vickie said...

So, which is these beautiful babes' hairstyles are you????

More power to ya - you know us Texas women gotta have the BIG hair thang goin' on.

Might have to get me some 'o that Knot's Landing hair goo...

Laura said...

I am a moaning machine, and I blame everything on the heat.

It sucks the life out of everything it touches.
There I go-
moaning again.


Jill said...

I saw that on QVC. I find myself turning to that channel all the time.
and by the way I need a moaning room too. I am not a morning person!

Painted Groove Girl said...

so what's the hair care product?
and what is it going to do for your already pretty amazing hair?

Four Paws and Co said...

I loved your moaning post! You should have kicked that silly hot flashing doctor in the keyster! (I probably didn't spell it right - but you get the drift!)

I order from QVC online - it's sooo fast & I can see so many other products that I may really have to have - zip, zip, zip & it's done! Of course I also order from HSN like this too! I bought Nick Chavez products last year & they rock!
☺♥☺ Diane

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

You crack me up. Being a guy (even though my daughters tell me otherwise)I know how big whimps guys are when something goes wrong with their bodies.
My brother became a QVC junkie when he was down after having his foot amputated. He owns almost everything QVC has ever sold for your kitchen.

MotherT said...

I would DARE any man, doctor or not, to complain in my hearing about hot flashes or cramps. I promise, it would be the last time they ever said anything about them, except--"May I get you some more iced tea, dear?"

Justine said...

Oh yeah, this was a GREAT post, Deb! I'm a whiner too, although I don't confine my whining to just the morning. I love to complain and will do so about anything that comes to mind.

But as for you moaning in the morning room, why don't you get on Jack about giving you something GOOD to moan about. Between sips of coffee. Just sayin'.

Bridget said...

Oh Deb, do let us all know if the Knot's Landing hair product works!
I think every woman over 40 should have a moaning room. I'm calling the contractor right now for my addition!
p.s. the knee is NOT where I would have aimed my kick. lol

Dixie said...

LOL... moaning in the morning room... well, we got cooler weather today... our wish come true... now if you give me that doctors name, I'll go visit him and explain the hotflash syndrome in terms that only a 55-year old woman can do!

celebrating cooler weather...for today at least! hugs. Dixie

design-block said...

I think you should post "Live From the Moaning Room" at least once a month. That was funny.

LivingTheLife said...

Love the moaning room morning room...we're doing a remodel starting in a few months...luckily I read this before the architect has completed our plans...I can now encourage him and my hubbin to add the all important moaning/morning room...however, I DO so hope this doesn't mean I have to keep all my moaning confined to just this one room...cos I am most certainly NOT a morning person!

As for the doctor...please oh please...tell me he WASN'T a gynocologist...cos if he was...he needs a "come to Jesus" meeting in the switch house!