Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Old Pal Dave

My friend David, 1970-something

Due to the magic of the Internet I was able to get reconnected with a friend I grew up with in West Texas. David and I went through elementary school, junior high, and high school together. As is often the case, we lost touch after high school and went our separate ways. He joined the army and I started plotting my plan to become the big city sophisticated girl I thought I was supposed to be.

Anyway, decades passed and then, thanks to the world wide web, we were able to get reconnected. I have a lot of memories of David back in school. I remember when a mean girl pulled out his hair in either 3rd or 4th grade – and I mean REALLY pulled it out! He had like a two inch bald spot in the back of his head as a result of that little winch! She was the female version of Eddie Haskell; grown-ups liked her, but I always knew exactly what I was dealing with. I also remember a very special talent that David had; I envied his talent and practiced it at home all the time, but much to my dismay I could never get it down….

David had the splendid and unique ability to turn his eyelids inside out!

In elementary school David would woo us with his eyelid talent during recess. He would pop those suckers inside-out and then chase us all around doing a Frankenstein/zombie-like walk. We would all scream and holler and then of course laugh until our sides hurt.

David is a housewife and, like some housewives do, he reads my blog occasionally. Yeah, I said it… I called David a housewife. Give me a break! He calls himself a housewife because, well – he is! He stays home, his wife works outside the home, he cooks, he collects various house wares, and he sews. And I mean big time sews! I guess the proper term I should be using for David is that he is a dressmaker. He can make his own patterns and he even teaches sewing classes!

And if anyone has an issue with a guy that likes to make a house a home and designs cocktail dresses, well – this is David today and you can take it up with him!

Among the many talents of David – eyelid turner-outer, dressmaker, and inventor of jalapeno cheez bread, he is also a collector of green glass. He just likes green glass….

So when I posted a picture a while back of my new morning room, he immediately zoned in on the two green canisters sitting on the shelf above my coffee pot. Those green canisters actually belonged to my grandmother. As long as I can remember she had those green canisters in her kitchen. After she died I brought them home, but somehow in all the packing up of her things I only got home with two of them.

This is the picture I posted when Dave spotted my two green canisters:

Fortunately for me, my old friend Dave noticed that I only had two canisters on my shelf. He immediately e-mailed me and said, being a collector of green glass, that he had the 3rd canister of that set if I wanted it. Of course I was filled with glee and took him up on his very kind offer. Plus – he said he had more green glass than Quaker has oats and needed to start moving some out.

So here’s the box that arrived at my house a few days later. I thought the box was kind of big and heavy for one small canister, and to my surprise when I opened it, he had sent me an entire set!

Aren't they fantastic! Oh - and since I'm bragging about my talented friend, David, I might as well also tell you about that platter that is sitting behind the canisters in the picture above and ANOTHER talented friend of mine from elementary school.

Lisa, my friend since 3rd grade, made me the platter above! Isn't is fabulous, too? It is a platter made of stained glass - and it's green glass!!! No - she didn't make this for me in 3rd grade, she made it for me about ten years ago. She's one of my many very talented friends; she's a photographer, a painter, a stained glasser'r (??), and she's even done mosaic floors for entire rooms! I'll have to show you some pictures of her mosaics someday.

What is it with me and my talented friends from elementary school? The only talent I have is the ability to shoot the bird with my toes....

Okay, so back to David. The picture above is how my morning room looks today with my display of Dave’s three green canisters that sit next to my grandmother’s two canisters. I love seeing them up there and they always make me smile.

And although I was never able to pick up Dave’s talent of eyelid turner-outer, I have been able to pick up his hobby of green glass collector!

Lord help me…. I’m lovin’ the stuff now and trying to brace myself each time I pass by a flea market or garage sale. Gee thanks, Dave! I would have been far better off if I could have just picked up the eyelid thing….

Thanks for the canisters, Dave!!! I love them! And I think you're pretty great, too!

And - just so y'all know, David has a blog, Life Through Greyeyes, and you can click HERE to check it out!


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

My wife is also a lover of green glass.I think it's neat how the cannister set now resembles a smile as it sits on your shelf. And that smile makes you smile.

There's a little ditty that goes "Make new friends, and keep the old. One is silver and the other gold."

Justine said...

Okay, I think I just fell in love. Not only is Dave a bit on the hot side (whew!) but he cooks, he cleans, he SEWS????? And he's not gay? Num yummy!

I love your canisters and think it's so sweet that Dave sent them to you.

Just please don't post a pic of him with his eyelids inside-out.

But DO post a pic of yourself flipping the bird with your toes.

Justine :o )

Greyeyes said...

It's rare for it to snow in Texas in March, but rarer still is the flustered Dave. I'm gloriously embarrassed and I Thank You!
I am thrilled you like the canisters and they look great. Sir Nottaguy is right, it sort of does make a smile on the shelf. How very Feng Shui!! Tell Lisa that platter is wonderful. I certainly enjoy your memory and that girl sure did rip a chunk of hair out of me. She sure couldn't do it today though.
I have to give a nod to your friend Justine too; She's pretty cute herself! One last thing, did you notice the bandage on the knee on the card?? Thanks a whole big bunch Deb, you made my day, week, hell i'll just let ya know. Y'all be cool, Dave

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog! Dave is one of my dearest friends. And although I didn't know him in elementary school I wouldn't doubt he turned a few heads with his eyelid trick. Maybe I can get him to do it for me one day just for old time's sake.

MotherT said...

I love the "smiling" canister set! As Sir Nottaguy said, I collect green glass, also. My dad started my collection by introducing me to the fun of auctions.

I'm going to amble over to Dave's blog and get to know him a little bit. Sir Nottaguy is quite the house husband when he gets the chance and I REALLY enjoy the help!

Alli said...

I don't know if you remember me telling you, but I have the third green glass canister of Nanny's. You can have it if you want.

Painted Groove Girl said...

May I add that my heart is just really big after reading this blog post?

What I love about the internet and facebook and all our blogging, is rediscovering our old friends, our old not-really-friends, and the reconnections and new enduring friendships that have ensued.

Something about the Blue Rock and the vortex energy of the Big Bend Region creates or collects some really interesting and talented people. And of course, you're one of them too ...

Four Paws and Co said...

You have the most awesome friends! Dave was so sweet to send you the cannisters.
I had/have the set in amber glass. We bought them shortly after we got married in 1971. (Yep, I'm almost older than dirt...) Somehow I managed to break one of them but still have 3. ☺♥☺