Saturday, August 21, 2010

A blessing to start your day

Both of these pictures were taken weeks apart, and both in the morning as I was bolting out the door for work. I love both of them because it is as if our dog Poncho, and our longhorn Gayle, were both getting their morning blessings from St. Francis.

I found it quite interesting that they both decided to lounge about in the same spot. Poncho is a Great Pyrenees and weighs about 125. He's our gentle giant. Gayle is one of our longhorns; in fact, one of our three original. She is really sweet and kind of shy and has two sisters named Marsha and Kathy. Gayle is also our gentle giant.

Or gentle giantress?? If a man is a giant does that make a woman a giantress?

Hmmmmm. While I ponder that one, y'all have a great weekend!


cottage farm villa said...

What a great way to start your morning with these beautiful creatures to take pics of ! Love it.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

St. Francis-The patron saint of animals. How fitting.

BTW-The female form of giant is giantess. A giantress would be an enormous lock,ringlet or braid of hair. I hear everything is big in Texas. The hair too? LOL

MotherT said...

I love when you post pics of your animals! I think it's great that your longhorns have the run of the property.

RoseMary King said...

There are things we don't know and don't understand. I would prefer to think they both came to get their blessings for the day. Hugs

Laura said...

That is a great welcoming committee in the morning.
Has it been hot there?

It is REALLY hot in the valley-

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