Thursday, December 30, 2010

Had to be a goat before I could be a chick...

So this is the hair that I was born with.

Me in about 5th grade
My hair had always been a bit stringy, yet soft and smooth.  But suddenly, in junior high, I got this wiry, kinky, coarse looking hair.  It was strange. It was not good hair at all, and I come from a good hair family. It’s one of our claims to fame. Good hair. Now long legs and skinny hips, that’s some other family’s claim to fame…

So for whatever reason I found myself with this strange hair, in a family full of good heads of hair. Here is a picture I found when this phenomenon was just beginning.

It's still a bit hard to tell, as most of the kinky, wiry stuff is starting underneath my hair, in the nape of my neck.  But, just a few months after this picture was taken I was raging with the wiry, kinky stuff all over my head.  And fortunately for me it occurred at such a great time in my life.  Junior High.  Puberty.  Fun. 

I have another school picture, the one taken a year after this one, when I am full-blown kink.  I dug through all my old pictures but couldn’t find it anywhere. If truth be known, I probably destroyed it, as well as all other pictures of my wiry hair days. For some reason it never dawned on me that I would want to get nostalgic about the effects on my hair during the BIG P. 

To get an idea of my strange hair phenomenon, just look at the picture above and then envision my hair pumped up about 4 times the volume with more kink scattered about.  Sort of think what one would look like if they were to stick their finger in an electrical socket.... 

So anyway, my hair became a bit of a joke with my family and friends. It was Tomi (my best friend’s mother who lived across the street) who first coined it my ‘goat-hair’. I can still hear her:

“My gawd, what the hell has happened to your hair? Let me feel it. Good gawd, it feels like.... like goat hair.”

And from that day forward I had goat hair.

By the time I was in my junior year of high school my goat hair was becoming a distant memory. However, if you pulled my hair up you could still see remnants of my goat hair around the nape of my neck. In fact, there lied my goat hair, at the nape of my neck, all the way into my mid- 20’s. Nothing like being reminded for years about your Big P days and the jokes of goat hair...  But goat hair or no goat hair, I didn't allow my personal tragedy to interfere with my ability to do good hair… (I know, I know.... I just plagiarized Annelle's line from Steel Magnolias.  But, it is such a good line...)

Perming my perm, 1980 something

It’s actually quite miraculous that my goat hair was ever at bay, being that the 80’s hit right after my full flare of goat hair in which I spent most of my leisure time perming my perm, teasing my tressels, and mousseing my gel. I was an 80’s big hair chick and wore it proudly. In fact, I was so good at big hair that I was held charge with hiding holes in all my friends’ hair. Now don’t tell me you didn’t have someone who examined your hair before going out to ensure that you didn’t have any hair holes? Any good friend would be sure and tell you if you had a hole. If I had known you, not only would I have politely told you that you had a hole, but I would have fixed it for you right then and there, as I was always equipped with my comb and a can of hairspray.  Why that Dooney & Bourke saddle bag could hold most anything....  And besides, fixing hair holes was a job I took seriously.

1980's Big Hair Chick

 I was gifted with a supple wrist for hiding holes, and good wrist action was key for big hair in the 80's.  Before going out, many of my friends had to wait for me to stop by their house to fix their holes. (I fixed more hair holes for Sami and Edye than I could ever count….).

1980's Big Hair Chick

And so the 80’s sadly ended and so did my goat hair. Throughout all the torture on my hair in the 80’s I can’t believe I didn’t create permanent goat hair for myself. It’s amazing what our hair can endure….

And so I thought my goat hair would be forever in my past.  After all, my BIG P junior high days are long, long gone and the 80's all but a distant memory...   Or so I thought. 

****  My goat hair is once again rearing its ugly head. ****

Apparently the BIG P and the BIG M have a lot more in common than I would have ever thought… 

But just as I didn't allow my goat hair tragedy to get in the way of doing good hair way back when, I shan't let my goat hair today interfere with my ability to do good Chi.   And guess what? Now I'm thinking, being that my goat hair has reared its ugly head again, perhaps I should begin looking into developing a shampoo for the goat hair challenged.  After all, I developed our No. 145 Lavender Lotion due to my lizard skin, so why not now work on a shampoo for my goat hair? Hmmmmmm.


Greyeyes said...

You definitely come from a family with good hair. I love the pics of the girl, she looks so familiar. I'm not crazy, i've just been in a bad mood for forty years.

Connie said...

It was fun to see your photos and your hair was always so pretty! I think you've got a great idea...a new hair product. There's always a positive to every challenge in life if you look for it!

Happy New Year!


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Who didn't have strange hair in their past? I look back at pictures from my teens and shudder.

Good luck on the goat hair shampoo. If it is as good as No. 145 Lavender Lotion, you'll have a big winner for sure.