Saturday, September 15, 2012

Horsing Around at Hummingbird Farms

Dawn was just breaking when the horses walked up to the tank for their early morning drink of water.  I guess the water was so inviting on this warm, humid morning that Slew just kept on walking into the water. 

They seemed to find it so enjoyable they were back at it for their midday drink of water, this time Leo diving right in.  I don't know what it is about our horses, but they really like to swim.... I've never been around any others that do.  Maybe it is just part of the magic at Hummingbird Farms.... 

Since the horses were on such a roll and decided they actually owned Hummingbird Farms and we were just visitors here, Slew decided to come hang out on the patio. Maybe that green demon-eye should have told me something.... (Sorry, don't know how to fix a green-eye on a horse, apparently the edit on an iPhone camera is only programmed to fix red-eyes on humans....)

Of course at first I thought it was all cute and endearing when Slew pranced up on the patio. 

Until this.

And to make matters worse, our dog Birdie likes to eat it.