Thursday, December 20, 2012

Because Big Mama said so....

So we are all a little full of ourselves over at Hummingbird Farms.  Again.  Because, once again, we are more than honored that we made Big Mama's Gift Guide! I am a regular reader of the Big Mama blog, and if you are not I highly encourage you to stop by.  It is my daily two to three minutes to unwind, get a good laugh (I'm talking some laugh-out-loud-and-hold-your-belly-while-you-gasp-for-air-laugh), and  - as has happened on numerous occasions -  a moment to get hit over the head with what is really important in life.   

If some of you are wondering, who is this Big Mama chick and is she big? I love to tell the story of why her blog is called Big Mama.  See, that's what happens when you regularly read someones blog.... You think you are their best friend and can tell all their stories and finish their sentences.  So, I will now channel Big Mama, who by the way is not BIG at all, and tell the story.  Anyway, her blog is called Big Mama because when her daughter was still toddling about and everything that was grand to her was BIG - sleeping in her own BIG bed, going to the bathroom on the BIG potty, wearing BIG girl panties - she decided that the term BIG must be the most endearing of all words and began calling her mommy BIG Mama.  So there you have it!

Big Mama not only has a Friday Fashion Post, but every year has her Christmas Gift Guide.  I'm not counting, but I will say we have made the distinguished list for exactly six years now.  And no, she is not paid and she really does include what she loves.  I can attest to that because she has been a regular customer of Hummingbird Farms Aromatherapy Body Care since that very first bottle was blended in 2006.  So, please click over to Big Mama's It's Like A Gift Guide, you will be glad you did.  As for what is on my gift guide - well, I pre-ordered Big Mama's first new book, Sparkly Green Earrings.  Can't wait!

Merry Christmas!