Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A bit of nostalgia and other things that make me smile...

Gladiola's are only $3.50 a bunch right now at HEB! Now that really makes me smile! And the good news is they still have several days of blooming left, so they will be my red for the red, white and blue celebration.

Speaking of celebrations, my mother is here visiting.  Bless her heart.... She came to house-sit for 18 days while we were mixing a little of both business and pleasure in Florida.  She's still here, probably needing to recuperate after taking care of the menagerie around here.  She might be thinking that grandchildren are indeed easier to babysit than granddogs, grandcats, grandhorses, and grandcows....

Now my mother might not like what I will be saying next on the world wide web thing, but she also makes me smile.  Especially since she gets up every morning and does her wet set.  I realize there is a whole generation out there that has no idea what a wet set is, so here you go:

And no, she does not wet set a wig, but her very own head of hair.  I think this is a dying art - so, NO...  I'm not poking fun, I am simply keeping the young-un's apprised of our American heritage on this Independence holiday week.  Just like they need to be made aware of all the other things that are soon to be, or already are, a dying art:  Canning, shelling peas, dialing a rotary phone, using a pay phone, unlocking a car door without the clicker, counting change back, and last but not least, reading and writing in cursive!

So back to my mother, she had coffee with me this morning after her wet set had dried and she had thoroughly aqua-netted her 'do.  But by mid-morning she had to wander back to her little guest house (which we call 'Church' and a story for another day).... Here is a picture of 'Church':

Anyhow, Mom had to get back to "church" because her "story" was coming on:

Anyone else out there still watch their "stories?"

Hope you enjoyed this walk down nostalgic lane - and a few of the many things that make me smile :)

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!